Wednesday, February 28, 2018

They're Not a Genie's Lamp, But...

Sir was walking out the door to go to his second job interview of the day.

"Hey, Sir, come here before you go." I lift my shirt. I'm not wearing a bra.

"Rub my boob for good luck!" He does, with a perplexed look on his face.

"Won't be awkward at all shaking hands now..."

Monday, February 26, 2018

Garter Belt with New Thigh Highs Update

The search continues to find appropriate items to change my wardrobe for Sir. We purchased our first garter belt, and tested it out one night. Lucky I already owned ONE pair of thigh-highs.

It worked fine that first evening, and held up to some beatings and fucking. But the material was flimsy and definitely didn't feel tight enough to hold up through the day.

Well, I was right. I purchased another pair of thigh highs online. Plain black that should go with a lot of clothing. When they arrived, I got out the garter belt and set it up to run errands around town (a true test).


It wasn't good.

Firstly I don't know what legs many manufacturers are using to create these socks, but these thigh highs barely went above my knee. I am not tall, only 5'3". Secondly, the thigh part was incredibly tight. It was a struggle to get enough room to get the garter clips applied, which is why they're a bit askew in the photo; it was a bitch to get them on. And if I didn't have the garter, there is no way these socks would have stayed up above the knee, at all.

The garter clips came undone several times throughout the day. They just couldn't stay on those socks. The material was not very thick; it's just too tight on my thigh; no give. Plus, the hooks are a crappy plastic. It took me about 10 actual minutes just to get the garter on, socks up, and everything hooked without snapping off repeatedly. I don't have that kind of time in the mornings; I would be very annoyed if I had to spend that kind of time everyday to put these on and then they still pop off!

The garter belt itself would not sit where I prefer, which is at my waist. It hung low at my hips, and barely stayed there. I could feel it sliding down, making me stress about everything staying in place all day.

Also, I was cold. I could definitely feel the breeze in the uncovered part of my legs under my skirt. Maybe because these weren't so high, but perhaps I need a good slip to help with that? I looked at slips the other day, but didn't find any to my liking.

This was not a good test. The thigh highs will be good for knee-highs, so I'll keep them, but this garter really won't do.

Luckily, I ordered another one online, and this one will be sturdier and stay put. It's a "shapewear" garter. Metal hooks, not plastic.  I also got another pair of thigh-highs in the mail to test. I'm excited!

Hopefully this next test will be better.

Friday, February 23, 2018

FFF: The Wrong Kinda DOMS; the Not-Fun Kind

Fourth Fit for Friday is here!

I really overdid it on Sunday at sports practice and have been combating a big ol' case of DOMS all week. And not the kind of DOMS I usually like talking about, either!

So, what's DOMS? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. When you work out strenuously, you can get micro-tears in your muscle fibers, causing a deep lasting soreness, that usually doesn't appear until a few hours later, lasting up until 4 days! It can be difficult to do basic tasks. For me, my soreness was all in the legs. So standing up, sitting down, walking, even trying to get onto the toilet were very difficult. This is not my first case of DOMS. My first week of sports practice I had a really bad case of it, too. And I've had it in other instances. Its pretty common, I'm sure we've all experienced this at some point.

More on DOMS here: DOMS 101

I'm still actually hurting right now, but I can now function at least! Onto the goals:

Workouts: 6/7 - I did some form of exercise almost every day this week, only missing Saturday. Three sports practices, a 40 minute walk, a Dance Dance Revolution session, and Open Roller Skating!

Also, this week we had the first of a few skills assessment tests that comes with trying out for this sports team (it's a 4-month process). I PASSED! I passed my first one! There are three things I need to work on, but I did so much better than I thought I would! I'm extremely excited and proud.

Eating: 5/7 - Sunday was a bust. Total grief eating with the family. I entered it into my meal tracker as "Bereavement Dinner". Plus, Sir took us to McDonalds before we even got there. I just looked and Saturday wasn't too good either. I forgot I went to the diner with my coworkers and got a Cuban Panini and fries. And I ate them ALL! I also had some valentine's chocolates after dinner, cause the day was already wasted, haha. It's hard for me not to indulge myself when I've already screwed my day up, eating wise. The other 5 days I was pretty good though. Within 100 or so calories of goal, and under maintenance all 5 days.

Weight: 😄 Down 1.4 lbs!!

Stress: 😊 I did yoga this week, and I took time out to do my nails. I always feel like I'm pampering myself when I do that, and don't have to feel guilty about spending money for a manicure. I colored a little in one of my coloring books, too.

Decluttering:  😊 I tackled the hot mess that was underneath the bathroom sink. I tend to just throw crap in there and forget about it until we need it and then cause an avalanche.

I ordered an undersink shelf from Amazon. Put it together and organized!
Sleep: 5/7 - I've been even more mindful of my caffeine intake (I'm not supposed to have any, but I do, so I try to limit it severely). I added night filters to my computer and phone to aid in sleep. And I put a really simple sleep tracker on my phone. I just wanted something that would tell me how long I slept, and maybe how much I should sleep. I don't need a REM graph, or ocean music or anything. This is the one I went with:

Sleep Debt Tracker

I like it so far. I've gotten over 7  hours every night this week. 5 nights over 8 hours. It's going to be difficult to manage when I go back to work next Saturday.

It's my last full week before I go back to work! I'm excited to get back, but I'm also hoping to revel in this last week, and enjoy it as much as possible! Hope you have a fantastic final week of February!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Punished this Week

Sunday was a hard day. I was just having "one of those mornings". Where everything seems to be going wrong. Sir accidentally ate my breakfast, and had to be stopped from eating my other breakfast. I found out he couldn't go somewhere with me on Monday; I wanted to have a cute little date at our local roller rink as they were having a cheap offer, TWO dollars!! I'd mentioned this to him for weeks and he said he would go. So I was miffed that he had made an appointment and now couldn't go.

Then for my fitness challenge I had to do a video game dancing work out (you get different challenges every week). I was trying to set my game up and my dance pad stopped working; it's broken. I think at this point I just lost it. I kind of threw a tantrum. Sir was trying to help, saying, "You have another one, we'll just use this one!" I was being irrational.

"I don't wan't that one, I want both. I have two so two people can play at the same time... now I have to buy another one!" I let out a groan, and I'm pretty sure stomped my foot. Eventually I sat down on the couch, and that's where my real feelings came out.

"I don't want to do today. I don't want to go to sports practice. I don't want to do this stupid dance workout. And I certainly don't want to go to another funeral, watching my cousins say goodbye to their dad," I exclaimed!

Well, there it is, I guess. The real source of my anger. My uncle passed away last Monday. He was very sick. And I suppose I didn't want to deal with the passing of another father. I think I had feelings tied up in the grief of my own dad. I wasn't very close with my uncle, but he was a good man, and watching my cousins, who I am close with, grieve that loss... I know the feeling all too well, and it's awful.

But Sir had me finish my dance workout, and packed all my stuff up for sports practice, loaded the car with it and things I had for my cousins, and drove me to practice, and then picked me up and then drove me to the funeral. He was amazing and super helpful. And I was irrational and not fully appreciative. As we got into the car, a giant snowmelt fell off the tree directly splatting onto my head. "I guess this is the kinda shitty day it's going to be," I said.

After sports practice, where I had pushed myself harder than I had in weeks, I was absolutely ravenous and a little hangry. My blood sugar was low, and I was being a little bit bitchy. Sir stopped at a McDonald's and put Chicken McNuggets in my face as we drove. It helped. Also, Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's with sweet n' sour sauce is one of my guilty pleasures. I know I shouldn't eat McDonald's but I love those nuggets! After I had eaten I could see clearer. I let him know that I loved him, and did appreciate him being absolutely amazing and helping me all morning when I was being a bit crazy. He said he loved me, and would always help me, and that of course I was going to be punished for my behavior.

We got through the day. Sir was continued to be great, and he handled dealing with my crazy in-your-face family at their grieving worst with grace and patience.

When it was all over and we were finally in the car making the two hour drive back, Sir reminded me that I was going to be punished when we got home. He said it wasn't for having emotions, or for me having a rough day; he gets that. It was for specifically how I treated him, when he was trying to help. How I  yelled back at him about the dance pad when he was providing an actual solution. And I made a snippy comment when we were getting a little lost about how neither could he drive or read a fucking map. I was mad because I didn't want to drive, I wanted the time in the car to get ready for the funeral, do my hair and put on makeup. We had switched drivers at the McDonald's. I had not yet eaten, but that's not really an excuse. He was trying very hard to help and my comment wasn't fair.

So I was trying of course to get out of him what the punishment would be. Cornertime? A very hard spanking (that never happens)? Laundry? Sleeping apart from him?

Turns out I guessed correctly eventually. He had me take an epsom salt bath when I got home to soak my aching muscles (it was hard getting down the stairs leaving my aunt's house; muscle soreness from pushing myself setting in). When I got out, he had set up the air mattress at the foot of our bed. He had me get in, then chained my left leg, ensuring I stayed put. Lately, he's been chaining me to bed, but it's usually OUR bed.

I had to sleep alone, cold, and without him. No cuddles. No pets. No security. It was especially fitting because on the ride home all I was talking about is how great it would be to get into bed with him and cuddle. We didn't have to get up in the morning so we could revel in it. Nope. Not for this girl. And it had to be bad for Sir too. Having to punish me punishes him. He was alone in bed, without me to cuddle on him. It just added another layer to the remorse I was feeling over how I treated him.

I definitely deserved it. Sir was merciful and once morning came, he undid the chain and allowed me back into bed with him for a morning cuddle. Made all the better by having to miss out on it all night.

I am truly sorry for the way I treated you, Sir. I am allowed to have emotions and feelings, but I shouldn't take them out wrongly on you. Thank you, Sir, for putting me to rights.

In my case, I think it's a little of both.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Doing it for Him

Do you ever find that you're much more motivated to do something simply because your Dom told you to do it?

The other morning, Sir went to work. Before he went he told me to do two things: Do a load of dishes, and put away some knick knacks that I got in North Carolina. I told him of course, and that I had planned on doing these things anyway.

Well, 6:20 pm  rolls around and I realize that I have not yet done either of these things. Typically if Sir tells me to do something during the day, he means "before he gets home from work", which is around 8:30 pm. If it weren't for Sir telling me to do them, I'm pretty sure I would have let those two tasks slide in favor of being a couch potato. But I had a moment of mini-panic and a lot of motivation to get my butt off the couch, and handle them. Does that feeling ever happen to you?

I was thinking of how disappointed Sir would be if he came home and they weren't done. And how I literally have no excuse today. So I got up and did them. It didn't take a lot of time, and the house of course looks better for it. And once you start doing one little thing, if you're like me, you end up doing a lot of other little things.

All because he asked me to do two simple things! I suppose this is one way that he is my motivation.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kinky Olympics

The Olympics. I am a pretty huge fan. I don't like to watch much sports on TV - I prefer to watch the few I enjoy in person. The exception for me is the Olympics. I'm pretty much glued to it.

I am really enjoying these winter games. The opening ceremonies were uplifting, full of wonder, and hope. The countries coming in, North and South Korea competing as one... the lighting of the torch... the drones, the skiiers, the Arirang performance, the Imagine performance! So many good feelings.

Then the backstories of the athletes, and watching their competitions. It is amazing. The hard work, the dedication, the years of practice. It is inspiring what they do to pursue their sport.

Which got me thinking to relationships and kink.

I feel like my relationship is best, that our kink is best, when Sir and I are actively working on it. When we get practice. When we make time for each other, even when it is inconvenient. When we engage in the community, thinking about what to do, what not to do, what has worked, and what has not. And making time to practice our craft - whatever it is. Dominating, submitting, bondage, restraints, rope play, impact play, etc. 

Have you ever had that experience of "being rusty"? I mean, we've gotten a good laugh at times for how out of practice we've been with kinky skills. But at least for Domination and submission - the more out of practice we are, the more it "doesn't work" when we come back to it. I'm not as compliant, I'm not in the right headspace. Sir says something that is meant to be bad-ass and starts laughing halfway through it. 

The more we do it, the better we are at it. The more it works. Almost like exercise or training for your sport. Maybe that's why maintenance spankings work. Or having a weekly time where Sir  just plays with rope.

To be good at what you do, you've got to practice! So, are you going for the gold in your relationship?

Friday, February 16, 2018

FFF: Good Week, Need to Track Sleep

Another Fit for Friday is here!

Fondles had some interesting articles on her FFF blog about Interval Weight Loss. I looked up more after reading her post. Essentially, you reset your body's "settling" point. The weight it seems to want to be at. I don't know if you've noticed that, but my body certainly has! It seems to want to settle at 190 lbs. So you do a month of losing (a small amount, 2 kg or about 4 lbs for the month, followed by a month of maintaining. Then another month of losing. I may look into trying it.

Here's my wrap-up for the week:

Workouts: I did two sports practices this week, on Wednesday and Thursday. Saturday I did a quick interval training workout. On Sunday, I also threw in a cardio/strength workout video right before bed, since I ate too much and I felt guilty, haha. I didn't make it through the whole video but I'm still proud. Its been a rough week and I'm glad with what I did. I didn't even want to go to practice yesterday (felt nauseous), and I definitely didn't want to do that cardio workout after all the eating I did Sunday!

As an aside, I got my tax return back and happily spent about half of it on all-new gear for my sport. Sir went with me to try everything on and pick it all out, which was awesome of him. He's even thinking about getting some of his old gear out so we can practice together (his sport is different but has some similarities to mine. He also hasn't played in years. I forget sometimes that his team won their National Championship back in the day!) I've only had my new gear for two practices and I'm noticing a big difference in my performance! I was borrowing gear, and using some literally ten year old gear I had up until this point. Now I just gotta break it all in!

Eating: I ate under maintenance for 5 days. I ate under my goal for 1, and went over maintenance one day, on Sunday. Not by much, but still. My aunt is visiting my mom from Alaska and she made these amazing lamb steaks with roasted asparagus!! My brother also bought me donuts for breakfast that morning, hahaha. Could have been worse! Sir and I had a great dinner for Valentine's Day but I still managed to stay under maintenance!

Weight: I lost 0.8 lbs compared to last week. I was being sulky about it (was hoping I would be less than I was when I started FFF, hoping the initial gain was water weight or something... But Sir put me to rights... "What I heard was that you lost weight! Good job!"

Stress: I didn't make time for Yoga this week. But, I did take an extended hot bubble bath, while reading a book and enjoying a decaf coffee. Definitely felt relaxing!

Decluttering: I brought the giant pile of clothes to the donation place this week. I also amassed a small laundry basket full of other assorted items to donate. A couple books, an old backpack, picture frames, a ladle... I honestly don't remember all what was in there, but it was good stuff that hopefully will help out another family at the local thrift shop! I started a pile of books to go through (donate, give away, maybe read and then donate)... I have a LOT of books. This is going to be my struggle. Its hard for me to not amass books, and will be harder still to give them away if I haven't read them yet!

Oh! While I was cleaning the bedroom, I realized just how much random kinky stuff Sir and I have just... laying around. It's just him and me living here, and we don't have friends or relatives close by that drop in. Ever. So stuff just accumulates. This is what I amassed to actually put away properly (definitely not getting rid of this stuff):

Sleep: I'm going to add this category starting this week. I haven't slept right the past few nights and I really need to be more mindful of this, especially once I return to work in a couple of weeks! I really want to aim for 8 hours, that's typically when I feel my best, but 7 is a good minimum goal, I think. Last night I got 5.

Hope you all had a verifiably good Valentine's week working on your goals!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I Like Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am a happy, corny, type of person that loves little holidays like these. I know that you don't need an excuse to show your partner that you love them. I know that you can, and should show your partner that you care each and every day.

And Sir and I do definitely show each other that, in myriad little ways. But Valentine's Day is a good time to do more. When life gets crazy, in the hustle and bustle of everything, sometimes we just don't stop and make that time. Make it special.

So I like holidays like these as times to be extra special. To take time and revel in each other's company for a few quiet moments.

I was getting hung up a couple weeks ago on the fact that on the actual day, it wasn't really feasible to celebrate. Not without foregoing my sports practice night (and I am behind by two practices already). I was leaning on just not going to practice and then be behind by three practices, because Sir is that important to me, and I wanted to celebrate with him.

But then it occurred to me. Just like you don't need Valentine's Day to show your partner that you care, if you are choosing to celebrate, it doesn't need to be on the actual day.

Plenty of people chose to celebrate over the weekend. And plenty will celebrate this upcoming weekend. What is the difference if we celebrate on Tuesday rather than Wednesday?


So, Sir and I had a nice evening last night. I got dressed up. I wore my garter and my new thigh highs (more testing). I prepared for us an indulgent dinner meal by candlelight. I got him a cute card, and some candies he likes. And when he got home, we had a nice dinner together, with soft music playing, and the light from the candles flickering. We usually don't have dinner at our table like that. We usually eat at the end of a long day by the TV watching a show, and talking about our days.

Taking that special time is nice. The novelty of the situation makes it even more so.

Dinner and candy!

Sir's card this year. I thought it was cute and funny. And so us.

I always enjoy seeing his big "Man Mug" next to my delicate "Lady glass".
...There's a euphemism in there somewhere, haha!

I didn't realize it, and he somehow snuck it right into the house without me knowing, but Sir got me a little something too! We usually don't do gifts on holidays like these (Valentine's, Anniversaries)... We just strive to do a date night or spend some special time together.

Sir got me this awesome giraffe pillow. It means a lot to me. One, Sir knows I love giraffes. I even have a little giraffe collection of figurines and such in the house. And I LOVE pillows. I have way too many for Sir's taste on the bed. So the fact that he got me ANOTHER pillow for the bed, AND it's a giraffe one to boot? Awesome. He even managed to pick colors that match our bedroom (though that was a total accident, he said).

We ended up watching the Michael Bolton Valentine's Day Special. It came out last year and it was surprisingly funny, so if you haven't seen it, it's on Netflix.

And after all that, I got what I wanted most of all: Kisses from Sir. That morning, Sir kissed me goodbye, and I swear I could feel him on my lips all day. Kissing him was on my mind for the many hours until he returned home. And we also had sex for our requisite "Fuck Day" (I wish I could find that bit by George Carlin). It was vanilla and lovely. Definitely the "making love" type of sex. Sir had a nice massage and blow-job too.

All in all, it was a good celebration.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're all having some kinky, sexy fun!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Christian and Kinky

So, a few days ago I noticed that I was getting a lot of traffic coming from a Catholic Blog Directory. When I checked out the website, my blog was not linked. Unless maybe they have the wrong URL for one of their blogs? That would be unfortunate... and hilarious.

But it got me thinking about Christianity and Kink. I don't feel like they are mutually exclusive, though I get the impression that the majority of those that call themselves Christians around here do.

There's been one particular person that seems to enjoy putting nonsensical zealous rants on a lot of the BDSM blogs in the community, including mine. Telling us to repent, for the end is nigh, and all that jazz. Why do they assume that none of us already have our own relationships with God? And if kinksters are atheist or agnostic (like Sir is) that's their business. A weird blog comment isn't going to change that, I don't think. That's not how someone is going to be "saved". You can be christian and a  kinkster, ugh!

I don't talk about it too much here, because that is not the focus of this blog. But I will today.

I am a confirmed Catholic. I came to it later in life, not being baptized until I was in my 20's (and I barely fit in that baptismal font, lemme tell ya!) Throwing aside the obvious "fornication before marriage issue" that is part of my relationship (and that's my sin to bear, no one else's), I don't feel that this lifestyle should necessarily be an affront to God. While I serve Sir, and I certainly place Sir above myself, I don't worship him. Sir is not above God. And he knows that.

A few of the kinksters we've met around here are church-going folks as well. They're good people. They do good works. So what if they like a little restraint in the bedroom,  or to be bossed around? That's their business.

I've known an awful lot of pretty awful people that call themselves Christian. And I've met lots of wonderful people who don't have that kind of Spirituality. Belief or non-belief doesn't inherently make you a good person. Your actions and your choices do.

Then there's the biblical aspect regarding D/s of women serving their  husbands. There are those out there that have a D/s lifestyle centered through their Christian faith. And it is valid and it works for them.

This topic reminded me of Heaven's Lost Property.
If you haven't watched it, I recommend it!

So for all you kinky angels out there, keep doing your thing!

Friday, February 09, 2018

FFF: Focus on Decluttering Mind and Home

It's Fit for Friday! Time to check in.

Workouts: I worked out 4/7 days this week. Two sports practices (one was cancelled because of snow), one yoga session, and three calisthenics workouts with Sir.

Eating: I ate under my goal for two days, and under maintenance for four. Saturday was a bust. Sir and I went to visit his friends who just moved and had a new baby. It became a little party. I thought I was making good choices. Loading up on salad at dinner. Limiting my portions of other dinner foods. Only eating two cookies (instead of the nine or so others had), and eating the fruit for dessert. Well, I was over by nearly 1100! I need to log before I eat in situations like that, not after. Hopefully, lesson learned.

Weight: I feel like I did pretty fantastic this week, with the exception of Saturday. However, I gained a pound! I changed my weigh in day from Sunday to Friday, to coincide with FFF. Sir says it may be muscle. He loves me. ♥  I think I'm probably retaining water, or Saturday did a bigger number on my progress than I thought. We'll see next week.

Decluttering the mind (Stress): I got some yoga gear on Sunday. And I did my first yoga session at home! It gave me time to clear my head, and at the end, I was very relaxed.  This is the video I did, for beginners:

I had a yoga mat, and some yoga blocks. I think you could do this without either, if you modify your poses. I needed a pillow for my knee for some of it. Still, I'm excited to do it again tonight.

Decluttering the home: I went through my closets and drawers. Made a donation pile of shoes and clothing. Things that aren't relevant, or don't fit, or whose style I've outgrown.

I added more after this photo. All to give away, except ONE shirt.

Sir had veto power, but he chose to save only one shirt (my 'hangry' shirt). Pretty good! I'm working on my bookshelves next.

All in all, in think it was a good week. How are you doing on your goals?

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

My First Garter Belt

Sir has changed my dress code. As such, we're trying to find new items that will help us in changing some of my wardrobe toward this end.

One of them is a garter belt, to hold up my now winter-required thigh highs. I ordered one on Wish just before I left for North Carolina. When I got back, it had arrived!

It was good for a tester garment.

A few thoughts: 

One, I hope I have it on right. We put the eyehooks at the back. 

Two, I ended up ordering a 5X, since it said the sizes run small, and I've had problems ordering sizes online only to not be able to get into a garment before. I know I'm not a tiny human, but I am not a 5X. And I think it may be slightly large, perhaps I should have gotten a 4X.

Three, the material is very sheer, like a mesh. That's not how it looked online. While this was fun and sexy, I don't think it will hold up to everyday wear.

But, it DID keep my socks up, even through some pretty intense activity. And that's the entire point- keeping them up. The fact that they are aesthetically appealing (at least to me and Sir) is just a bonus! So this may be a viable solution. Online, I also found a straight up garter without the belt, and that may be an option too. These things are all pricey though - the thicker thigh highs, the garters. Baby steps I suppose. These are not things easily found at the thrift store. I'll have to find a brick-and-mortar place, or a better online source.

But for now, I am excited! And I think Sir is too.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Welcome Home, Bitch

I'm so glad to be home. I miss my friends, but it is comforting to sleep in your own bed, adhere to your own routine. And be able to hug Sir as much as I want.

Last Monday, I got home late and there wasn't as much time to reconnect as I would have liked. Sir said I needed a spanking, but there wasn't much time. At work on Tuesday, Sir sent me texts throughout the day. He was having a rough day.

I wanted to cheer him up. So I cleaned, cooked dinner, showered, and put on a nightie for his arrival home. I covered it up with my ultra-sexy, fuzzy green Legend of Zelda robe, being super discreet as I am.

He came home. We had dinner. He definitely missed having home cooked meals for the past ten days. I asked him what his plans for the rest of the evening were. He said he was thinking about going to bed early.

I asked him if I could be cruel. He gave me a look but no answer. So I stood up, took off my robe and got on the couch in what I hoped was an appealing manner.

My collar is off since my hair was drying.

"If this is your definition of cruel, I'll have to educate you sometime."

He didn't go to bed early.

He had me stay there, enjoying the view. I was enjoying him too. I had nothing else on under the nightie, so with it scrunched up, my cunt was all exposed. I have some issues with that. Feelings of embarrassment about it. But probably because of that, having it exposed, knowing he could inspect it at any time, knowing that it was out there on display... it is somehow a turn on for me.

Then we remembered that my garter belt had come in. I grabbed the only pair of thigh highs we own, and Sir helped me to put it on. It came with a thong, which I got on, and then Sir latched each eyehook at the back. It was very sensual feeling, his hands sliding along the mesh, along my ass. Attaching the fasteners to my socks, the feeling of his hands grazing my inner thighs.

I danced for him, just fun happy dancing, not meant to be innately sexual. Testing the garter belt and how it would hold. I didn't realize it at first, but he took photos. Took video. And he enjoyed the view of things in motion: my breasts jiggling, the garter straps straining, my ass shaking for him.

He grabbed me by the hair, spun me around, and held me there, kissing me deeply, as my legs started to feel like noodles. He is good at that; kissing. Makes me melt.

He dragged me by my hair to the bedroom, and pulled down on my nightie, exposing my breasts. He slapped them roughly, before pushing me down on the bed.

"That thong has to come off, but I'm not undoing the garter." He grabbed the nearest sharp tool; a small pair of pliers, and unceremoniously cut them from me. I found myself wishing for a bigger tool, the desire to feel the blade against my skin was strong. Perhaps I am developing a knife play fetish.

Once they were off, he grabbed both my legs, and spun them around to flip me over.

He struck my ass, using his hand. There was no warm up; he was going pretty hard right from the start. The mesh garter fabric wasn't much protection. Abruptly, I felt cold hard metal. He had grabbed the ball-chain flogger, using it fast against my bottom. I squirmed and writhed, but tried my best to stay in position.

"Why is everything, ready?!" I exclaimed.

"I promised you a spanking yesterday, didn't I?" He replied.

I suppose he wasn't the only one with plans. Me with the nightie, him with his implements deceptively laid out for later use.

Then I felt a tickle along my back. He had grabbed the barbecue baster, one of our pervertibles. Then it too contributed to the reddening of my ass. Finally he grabbed the leather flogger. The one with the beautiful metal handle.  For once, that cold metal on my ass didn't have me wiggle. It felt amazing against the heat of my ass. Then it contributed more to that heat.

Sir got me up suddenly to stand as he laid down on the bed. He gave me an expectant look. I knew what he wanted. From the bottom of the bed I crawled up the length of his legs, and took his cock in my mouth. It had been such a long time. I stayed over him, sucking and licking, my re-exposed cunt in the air. And just as before, its exposure was getting me hot.

Sir said that if I could position my vibe without needing my hands, I could use it while sucking him. I suppose I was motivated, because I was successful. Before I could finish, he pulled me off his cock, and had me lay down next to him. He pulled and tweaked at my nipples until I was finally able to finish. Those pinpricks of pain, the twisting, it all heightened the experience.

"I'm going to fuck you now. Get on the floor. On your knees."

"The floor, Sir?"

"Yes, the floor. The laundry was just done and I'm not remaking this bed."

Nice to see the pragmatic side of him. Sir was kind enough to let me have a pillow for my knees, or else I don't know if they would have survived the onslaught.

It was fucking delicious. Feeling nearly fully dressed, breasts spilling from my nightie, garter belt and thigh highs still on, collar jingling, on all fours as Sir pounded into me from behind, pulling my hair, grabbing at my hips. We made quite the mess.

He allowed me to clean myself up, then pulled me by the hair, throwing me down on the bed again.

"Where do you think you're going? We're not done!" Sir growled.

"Welcome home, bitch."

Friday, February 02, 2018

First Fit for Friday

Fondles started a Fit For Friday blog support group. Initially I didn't think I was going to join in, but they included me anyway and it might be a good thing for awhile. You know, until my life implodes with being busy. I thought I missed the first week, but it turns out the first week is today! Hooray, I'm not late. And since I'm up late from sports practice, and it is now Friday, let's do this!

I am actively trying to exercise and eat better, and have been for awhile. I wish to lose weight, but what's more, I wish to gain stamina and energy. Strength and endurance. Especially for my job, which can be very physical at times.

I enjoy outdoor activities, too. I want to be able to hike up hills and mountains more easily. I want to increase my upper body strength for kayaking. I want to not lose my breath so easily.

I am also currently trying out for a local sports team, (though due to time constraints it probably won't work out), and being more fit will definitely help!

I also want to work on reducing stress, and feeling good inside. Some of that involves working on saying no (but not to Sir).

I've had great success using MyFitnessPal. Initially, I lost 30 lbs, and was feeling pretty great about myself. It was a commitment, but it wasn't awful or impossible.

Then my dad passed away, and for about 2 years, I just stopped giving a shit. It was more than that. I wanted to, and I tried to, but I just couldn't. I literally couldn't give a shit. I was grieving, depressed, and I ate my feelings to cope. So I was basically back to where I started.

This year, I finally feel sort of like a real human again. I'm not over it, as I don't think you can just be over it. But I'm not sad all the time. And I was finally capable of engaging in real and prolonged D/s with Sir again, after so many failed starts. And I started back on MFP for real again,. I never left, but I was  not committed and made no progress.

This time around, I have lost about 10 lbs thus far. Last week I was away doing the "eating tour of North Carolina" (oh so many delicious and fun southern meals out, nearly every night). I gained 4 lbs of that back, but I think it will come off again, pretty easily.

 To help, I'm in a Harry Potter themed fitness challenge on MFP. I also have GoogleFit on my phone, and MapMyRun. Finally I link all my apps to Achievement. It will reward you for getting fit, provided you earn enough points. I don't know if I will earn enough this time around, but anything that motivates, right?

So here I am. I'm here to hopefully find more motivation, and be honest and accountable about my journey. I'm here to cheer us Fit for Friday-ers on. And to cheer you on! Fitness is more than your size. It is mental and holistic. If you've got a goal you want to work on, I'm here to support you.

Here is my first-week kickoff. A 6 second video (I had to cut it off before Sir got my attention and I turned around) that Sir took without me knowing while I was dancing around, testing my new garter belt a few days ago.

Unofficial cheerleader.

It could be a fun challenge to dedicate my Fridays for kink-centric fetish fitness!
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