Monday, July 26, 2021

New Nightly Ritual

Lately, Sir has been staying up much later that I do.

It seems I just can't go to sleep without him, though.

I'd feel tired, get up and put myself in bed...

And just wait there. Whether intentionally or not, my body and brain is waiting for him. And my sleep had been really suffering for it.

Now we have a new nightly ritual, and it's a great solution of Sir's.

He now puts me to bed every night.

I'll get into bed, and he'll join me. I'll cuddle up with my head on his lap. We'll chat softly, and he'll pet my hair until I fall asleep. 

Then, he'll gingerly slide out of bed and he can stay up as long as he wants.

It's a win-win.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Sir's Brand of Kindness

Sir has me pinned to the bed. Held down at his mercy as I wiggle and struggle to no avail.

He gets both of my hands pinned with one of his, and reaches back with his other hand in a move that is both hilarious to witness in its contortion, but sexy in its dominance.

I realize that look in his eye.

"Sir, please. No.... not the sock off your foot!"

He was kind.

He got up and gagged me with a clean sock.

Monday, July 12, 2021

This Photo is Love


This photo is love.

Looking at it, I am immediately swimming in affection for this man.

The beach is not Sir's thing.

But it is absolutely *my* thing. 

Any beach, even a lake beach, has some sort of restorative power to me. After a visit, even just a couple of hours, I am happier, and relaxed.

So Sir came with me to the beach last weekend. I definitely needed it. And though it's not really his thing, there he is.

And that is love.

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