Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Work Stuff and More Garter Testing 4 - In the "Cold"

I am happily on my business trip. So far, it has been pretty good, except for missing Sir. We did a puzzle room as a teambuilding exercise, then went to dinner at this historic tavern, where everyone was dressed up like it was the mid-1800s and the food was fantastic. The sessions today were really informative and well done. And they gave us tacos for lunch!!

One thing that I find interesting is how people dress here. Normally, we all wear uniforms to work. But at this meeting we can dress casually. I am 95% sure I am the only person wearing a skirt today. I am on a break right now, but we're meeting again in a bit and I am going to look around a little more closely. Thinking of skirts is making me think of the most recent "Garter Testing" that Sir and I did a few weeks ago.

So, Sir and I went out to run errands. I was being grumpy and didn't want to go. But I sucked it up and thought, this might be a good time to try and test the garter belt and socks outdoors in cold weather.

Sir checked the weather and it said it was 39 degrees. Not bad, good enough for a test in the cold, we thought.

I feel like I looked pretty presentable. Just an everyday woman running errands. You couldn't tell what was underneath. And it looked to me like a normal outfit I'd wear outside.

Sir and I went to his doctor's appointment. Then we stopped to pick up his prescriptions. Then we went to Best Buy to get a flash drive, and look at replacing his tablet.

The garter belt is fine. Very comfortable. Stays where it should. I'm really quite happy with it. The socks... while they stayed up, again they are just a bit too tight in the thigh. As time went on they were getting more and more uncomfortable. When I got home I couldn't wait to get them off!

As for testing in the cold... well it warmed up. It was 50 degrees! I even took my coat off. I was very comfortable wearing these in terms of warmth at 50... not sure again how it would hold up to colder temps.I could feel a breeze around my upper thighs, but on a day like today, it was pleasant. I enjoyed it. If it were colder... I think I will need a slip and much longer skirts to be warm in those colder temps. More wardrobe to acquire!

So while I am not wearing those garters today (I have leggings on underneath my skirt), it is something to think about. Maybe this time next year at this meeting, I won't have leggings; I'll have my thigh-highs and garters!!

It actually makes me a little nervous; being "that person". Because what if they are seen... what will my coworkers think? Will it affect my employment somehow?

Just little thoughts of paranoia. I could also get a longer skirt to be sure they won't be seen, too!! Only time will tell what will happen, though. Except getting rid of the leggings. Sir's already decreed that, so it will happen!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

FFF Twelve

Squeezing in Fit for Friday!

Really crazy busy this week. Sir started his new job. We're apartment hunting. Work issues causing me to stay late. Volunteering, too. I'm gonna do a quick update so I can maybe get to bed before midnight!

Workouts: 3/7 - Two sports practices, and a lot of hiking at work.

Eating: 2.5/7 - went to a conference on Saturday and ate whatever. Had some very snacky evenings.

Weight: Lost 0.8 lbs! :)

Stress: This week was tougher with change and work stress, but today was good. Slept in. Watched a movie with Sir. Got ice cream. Did some yardwork. Went to a fancy gala tonight.

Decluttering: I think the yard work counts! Sir and I took a huge bucket of sticks to the town compost park. I pulled weeds and got rid of the evergreens I had up for winter ( which were not so green anymore).

Sleep: 5/7 - pretty good this week! I took naps or went to bed early when I could. 7-9 hours every night!

I may be MIA next week. Going away for work. Will be eating poorly; whatever they feed us. I am being put up in a hotel though, so I plan on using the fitness center, and hitting the pool and hot tub!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ask and You Shall Receive

Last Tuesday I was off work. On a lovely weekday. I had a nice lemon tart in a coffee-shop while reading a book. I got my car serviced. I made a nice dinner and spent time with Sir when he got home.

Lately, I've been feeling pretty frisky. More than "normal" I suppose. When he first got home, I was not subtle about it. At all.

But Sir was tired after a long day at work. And it *was* late. So he said he just wanted to watch TV and go to bed. So we did watch TV, and I got ready for bed too. In my long warm pajamas and my big bathrobe, and I got myself all bundled up in bed with the heating blanket on.

Just when I felt ready to pass out, Sir changed his mind.

Initially I was grumpy. You see, Sir has tended toward a habit of waiting until what feels like the last minute to get it on. When we were both off work, he'd have literally the entire day, and then right before bed is when he'd start making a move. It felt like he would do this every time to me! I would get so frustrated, since I felt like I was putting myself out there all day and now when I'm tired and ready for bed (and not feeling so sexy anymore), he's finally ready?

I did tell him, "You know, you did have the entire evening..."

On the other hand, I am his submissive. If he feels like it is sexytime, it IS sexytime.

And he was right, and it was fantastic.

Plus, wasn't I the one saying last week that this was one of the few things I was willing to lose sleep over?

I got what I asked for and it was worth it, though I lost sight of it momentarily.

Friday, April 13, 2018

FFF: Eleven - Fresh Start Friday

Time for Fit for Friday!

Hope the week is treating you all well. It's been a busy one for me with work and other things, but I'm off this weekend so hopefully I can play catch up, and be outside. It looks like spring may finally be here, for real!

Workouts: 5/7 - Pretty good this week. Friday, between hiking and walking downtown, I did over 6 miles. Sunday was sports practice, and I went for a two mile run with a teammate right after. Tuesday I did this lower body workout. Did a walk on Wednesday, and another sports practice on Thursday.

Eating: 2/7 - Sir and I went out for wings and beer on Saturday night. On Tuesday I was off work and threw myself an eating party. And I only now just finished the last of my Easter candy, which I've been eating all week. I think I am PMS-ing too.

Weight: Gained another 0.8 lbs. Maybe some of it is bloat, but a lot of it is food. Hopefully back on track this week!

Stress: Despite it all, I feel pretty good. Having this weekend off helps.

Decluttering: Maybe that will happen this week? I did bring some boxes home for our eventual move!

Sleep: 4/7 - Three nights over 8 hours, two over 7. Tuesday was another night where I was okay with losing sleep. Last night was rough though. Couldn't fall asleep after practice, and had to be up at 5:30 AM. Still, I think I'm getting used to it, and I'm not as exhausted as before.

Sir starts his brand new job on Monday! And we can finally start looking for apartments to reduce the commute times. We're going out tomorrow night to celebrate. Hooray, date night! I'm hoping to attack the garden this week. And perhaps I can have a fresh week to work on my weight goals this week too.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Last Pair of Pants

Over five years ago, Sir decided to give me a dress code. I was not to wear pants or shorts anymore. I was to wear skirts and dresses only. I could wear tight leggings under them, for warmth in the cold, but that was it. Sir realized this wasn't going to happen overnight, and over time I've gotten more skirts and dresses and stopped purchasing pants altogether. I've donated and gifted the pants I did have, little by little. So, though I've been extremely compliant in this dress code for years now...

I finally got rid of my last real pair of pants:

These. This unassuming little pair of black sweatpants. They finally went to the donation pile. And with that, I now own no pairs of wearable pants. I have one pair of jeans (that I would never wear), that I keep for sentimental reasons. They're not even in my closet, not that I could fit into them anyway, ha! They're covered in paint splatters and colorful stitching from projects in high school. They live with other sentimental clothing in a box under the bed, and hardly ever see the light of day.

So now, in essence, I am a pantsless person. I still have the leggings, but they always get worn under a skirt or dress, not by themselves. And now, those are going, too. I have donated two pairs of leggings thus far. It will probably take years, but they will disappear from my life as well.

Goodbye pants! You were nice, and you were comfy. But I haven't actually put you on for a year or two, and you were a crutch. Just knowing you were in the closet, should I need you. But I don't!

Not anymore.
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