Monday, July 25, 2016

Close that Damn Drawer!

I am cautiously optimistic that I may be starting to feel better. I went to another dentist today to get a second opinion. Funnily enough, he agreed with my first dentist and said unfortunately, it is just going to take time for the antibiotic to kick in. But at least I know the tooth won't need to be pulled and that the root canal looks okay. I'm just alarmed by how painful it is. He said there was an abscess  under the root and now that the infection was exposed to oxygen, it was multiplying and causing that painful pressure. The other canal *was* overfilled, he agreed, but that shouldn't be causing the pain.

The pain was pretty intense all day. Only now does it seem that the medication is starting to have an effect. I hope it continues this trend. I have to say, Sir has been absolutely wonderful. He cancelled his weekend plans, called my family and just took care of me, even if that meant rubbing my back while I cried, or letting me drool on him while I "slept" (I regret the drooling part; I definitely wasn't trying to!). He sure is a keeper.

Sir told me today that he is going to have to enact a new rule soon. Apparently, I don't close drawers. Or doors. And it drives him crazy. I know I have that habit, especially when I'm in a rush. I guess it is something I am going to have to work on.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Teeth : (

Air-conditioning has been a godsend, not only for me coming home as one giant sweat gland, but also for sexytime.

In other news, my teeth suck, and are acting up again. I had two- TWO root canals on Friday. One of them is fine. The other one is just agonizing, and my dental practice doesn't seem to care about the level of pain that I am in. I've had root canals before. I know there's some discomfort, but I am literally curled up into a ball crying my eyes out from the pain. It is alarming to Sir. My job sent me home today, since I was just useless. I've called the dentist twice yesterday. I tried calling again this morning (no one picked up). Since I left work early, I showed up in their office. They took an x-ray, poked the tooth (which caused me to scream and jump) and then gave me a prescription for a higher form of antibiotic. That will take at least a day to work and reduce the pain, if at all. I also saw my X-ray and it is clear that they overfilled the root canal and the gutta percha (the stuff the put into the canal) is actually leaking outside of the bottom of my root. This is what I believe is causing the pain, but they're saying its an infection, hence the increased antibiotics.

For the two root canals on Friday, they gave me Motrin. Motrin! Which didn't do much. When I called to tell them this, they gave me Tylenol-3. The Motrin does better for me than that stuff. I am starting to reach the end of my rope with this pain. I am not a pain wimp as Sir can attest to, so me having such a negative reaction is honestly scaring him. He's used to me just sucking it up and going about my day. I am trying to reign it in since I don't want to worry him, but sometimes it is just difficult.

At work this morning, I was having a full-on cry fest (while trying not to) until someone else came into the office. Even then, it was difficult to hold it in. Luckily my coworkers are awesome and got coverage for me so I could go home/see the dentist.

I'm about to take my last medicine dose of the night. Praying this starts working and that I see some relief soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Too Hot to...


My car thermometer actually read 100 degrees today. I work mainly outdoors, especially this time of year. By the time my shift is over, I am literally just one giant sweat gland.

Sir is feeling it too.

We were on the couch tonight, watching TV. He is petting me. He looks over, gives me the eye and says "Sex now?!" As we literally peel ourselves off the leather couch sounding like Velcro, the moment is over, let me tell you.

It is too hot to fuck.

Maybe with the air conditioning on.... tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Sir is a Sexy Thing

This morning I had the pleasure of watching Sir wake up. I had gotten up a bit before him to get ready for work. I came into the bedroom and just sat there, watching him. He was fuzzily trying to find his glasses. I was not so fuzzily trying to ogle him, and I'm pretty sure he has no idea.

I was just really enjoying the view of his well-shaped legs. His broad chest. His bearded face. The dusting of hair along his body.

Too bad I had to go to work. I'd much rather have crawled back in bed with him!

Monday, July 04, 2016

When Fun Just Happens

Life has been pretty hectic lately for me and Sir. We've gotten some bad news and have a host of decisions to make regarding our future.

But its always good to know that we are us, and we'll do our best to get through this together. I can't really do much at the moment, but be supportive and give him time to think. Sometimes just being together, and having fun is what you need to stay connected and keep motivated.

The other night Sir decided to play a game with me. It was sort of spontaneous and we both made up and learned the rules as we went. He started lightly tickling me, over my clothes. I'd wiggle and squirm. Eventually he stripped me bare and he'd tickle me along my butt, legs, knees, and feet. Any movement or clenching from the waist down elicited a hard smack to my ass. He just kept this going, upping what movement would earn a smack, to the tiniest twitch, and how hard/many he'd strike.

All in all, I like this game! I think what I enjoyed about it was how it organically evolved. He and I didn't exchange words to play. He just started smacking when I twitched and it went from there. Love that subtle exchange of power and the sensations.

I hope we play again!
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