Monday, June 24, 2019


A friend of mine is getting married and has asked me to be her maid of honor. I am happy to do it.

I have been in quite a few weddings. I have been a maid of honor four times now, and in 8 weddings total.

I digress.

We are in different states, but have gotten together to do wedding planning things together. She recently mentioned that her and her fiance are a little kinky!

Honestly, I feel so fantastic about it. I am glad that they are able to enjoy each other. I am also glad that she felt safe enough with me (I would hope she would, being that she asked me to be her MOH) to bring it up!

And since she brought that up first, I felt comfortable letting her know a little bit about me and Sir. Not ALL of it... but the basics.

It is such a relief to not feel that I have to hide that part of myself with her. That we can be open about it. And now that she knows, she is asking me all sorts of advice questions.

I guess I/we are a bit more experienced in that department, something I'd never thought I'd say!


Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Sir is stroking my butt one night while we are in bed waiting to fall asleep.

He stops.

"...What..." I say.

"It's nothing," he says.

"Just that I can feel your heartbeat . . . through your ass."

I guess that's one way to a girl's heart!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019


We are both still in the glow of the newly-engaged.

I am extremely happy and continually staring at my ring, which feels uncharacteristic for me. But as I never wear rings, and only wear jewelry occasionally... it feels different.

And of course, it is.

Today Sir and I took a walk, and we were talking about my mom (she is staying with us for two weeks).

Somehow we got on the topic of "Sir's intentions for me". I held up my left hand and said to Sir:

"I got your intentions right here!"

Sir said that I didn't realize how right I was.

Because of course, on my left hand is both my engagement ring... and my wristcollar.

Both intentions in one!

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