Thursday, January 03, 2013

While on Hiatus

Sir and I have put our D/s relationship on hold for the past few months. It's been odd being on hiatus. It has made me appreciate some of the freedoms that I currently have, ones that I've taken for granted in the past and really put into perspective how choosing to put certain things in his control shows a respect to him and our dynamic.

I find that while I'm not adhering to the strict bedtime he's given in the past, I'm still getting to bed at a decent hour. I do wear pants more to work because of the convenience. I am a bit more free in my teasing with him as well. I make more of my own non-work decisions, which I've found odd.

One thing I've really appreciated about this hiatus is the chance to see what our relationship would be like all vanilla. And it's refreshing to know that even vanilla, I like us as a couple. I enjoy Sir's company, and I want to be with him. I do miss the D/s at times, however. We're going to slowly be re-introducing D/s into our relationship in a few weeks.

Things at my job have improved. I got up the nerve to quit, and upon doing that, they essentially offered me a promotion. I decided to take it because I was going to quit anyway and I could at least give this a shot, and keep my income. I've been at it for almost two weeks now. It's the same pay but way less after work hours. Thus far, much less stress as well. I'm hoping it will stay this pleasant and allow me to focus on our relationship more.

Sir and I will have our 2 year anniversary in just a couple of weeks. That seems unreal to me - I feel like it was just yesterday that we met!
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