Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Winter Uniform

Sir has been struggling with deciding what my winter uniform will be. He likes me having a uniform. But he also acknowledges that my original uniform would not be practical for the winter - I'd freeze.

This look is pretty cute, but even with the fuzzy socks, I'd be a popsicle.

So, it took Sir a bit to figure out what he wanted, but he decided that my winter "uniform" will be my cuffs at my wrists and ankles.

I can wear my fuzzy socks and comfy pants and big green robe, as long as I have the cuffs on. My head thinks its a win and I agree.

Though it is still taking some getting used to getting them on and off. It is not part of my routine. I admit, in the morning when I am tired and grumpy and it is taking longer to get them off so I can get ready for work on time ... I am grumbling.

But I am doing it!

Monday, December 02, 2019

Update - Stress

Life can just get so... stressful sometimes.

I am really truly excited to get married. I love Sir, and I want to spend my life with him.

But wedding planning is a lot of work! I see why they have professional planners that get paid lots of money to do this.

We've done a lot in the planning department thus far, especially considering our wedding is not for over a year! We have the ceremony and reception locations, caterers, menu picked out (the tasting is next month!), officiant and DJ. Our invitations and Save-the-Dates are done (ready to be sent when we're ready to send them). Our wedding website is 90% done.

Between planning, the craziness at work (they sent me to Denver for training which was amazing, but exhausting), the holidays, my brother being gravely injured, and dealing with my mom... it is hard for me to make time to blog.

I like blogging, I like the time to process and connect and write. But when I let it get away from me, it snowballs and snowballs until I feel like I have to play catch up, and it's too much to catch up on, so I get overwhelmed and avoid it.

So I'm going to just get on here and write from time to time and try not to let the rest get to me (the catching up).

Denver was truly amazing. I'd never been out west before. The landscape was a real shock to me. The beauty. The mountains! I spent most of my time holed up in the hotel with classes and trainings and events, but we did have one day of field trips and they really crammed a lot into that one day (we went to a nature center, a zoo, a museum, and a mountain park!)

My brother is having surgery in two weeks. He was really hurt at work to the point that we're lucky he is alive, and not paralyzed. But he is and has been in a tremendous amount of pain, and will probably never work again. I'm going out there to be with him and the family. Fingers crossed it all goes all right!

I'm going away again on Wednesday for work. Another meeting. Another night away from Sir. At least work pays for these things. I feel so fancy sometimes with my business trips, ha!

In the meantime, now that it is cold, Sir has been thinking up ideas for a winter uniform. Can't have me going around in a white tank top and nothing else in this freezing weather!

... Well, I guess he COULD, but I am glad that he is electing to do something else.

Hope you're all staying warm (or cool as the case may be!) and having lovely holidays!

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