Sunday, October 15, 2017


Sorry for the huge delay in updates. The fall is a really hectic time for us. My job explodes in the fall; I do a bunch of overtime and most days off have been filled with family events. Fun, but exhausting. Just about a month more to go before things will calm down.

Sir and I are alive and well, though. Doing very well!

Last post I mentioned that Sir had a surprise for me and that I wasn't going to like it.

It was indeed a surprise. While I don't love the reason he got it, I don't hate it. Anything he does in a dominant fashion secretly (or not-so-secretly) pleases me.

Sir's surprise was this armbinder. You see, in the summer I acquired a number of bug bites. And I am a compulsive scratcher. Sir would stop me, and warn me. I would try not to scratch at them, but sometimes I am not even aware that I am doing it. So finally, he had had it!

This thing works really well to keep me from scratching. Nearly all of my bites are healed. And the threat of having to wear it is a pretty good reminder to not scratch! I think Sir is disappointed that he hasn't had to use it more often. I mentioned that he could make me wear it just because he is a mean old dominant, if he wanted!

Or I'd say maybe I'll just have to start scratching again.

But I wouldn't do that. At least not on purpose!
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