Monday, March 30, 2015


When I'm on the internet, I am what Sir calls a "tab whore". I open up a lot of tabs, and keep them open as I browse, eventually clearing them as I go along. Sometimes I don't clear them for days!

Just to give you an idea, this is a screenshot of just one of my browsers right now (I use two accounts, so I have another browser open with its own tabs, and I also use a separate browser with 16 tabs for finances and bill paying):

30 tabs, not counting the other browser windows. And sometimes, I even have more open!

My tab addiction seems to drive Sir up the wall sometimes. He says that closing out one of my tabs or even worse, forbidding me to use tabs might be a more effective punishment than cornertime!

But, I love my tabs. Sir, don't get rid of my tabs, please! Let me keep them! ::puppy dog eyes::

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Dining Room Stool and Bed Raisers

This weekend was great. Apparently when I am needing "extra" dominance, it is not at all subtle. I'm not sure what behaviors I display. Sometimes I will tell Sir how I feel if I am aware of it, but sometimes he picks up on it from me. After I woke up and made us breakfast, Sir did the dishes while I tidied up the house. Sir decided I was to do it gagged. I don't like the gag, but I like him making me wear the gag. The force of it, succumbing to his will. For cleaning, I got a reward - he put me over his knee and struck my ass with his hand. Halfway through, he had me go to our toy bag and pick an implement. I chose our wooden purple paddle, which surprised him for some reason. I'm not sure what he thought I would pick. He got pretty forceful with it toward the end, but I really enjoyed it.

He made me do my job paperwork afterwards. I was bad at first, and didn't start my paperwork right away- hiding in the living room, so he dragged me into the back room where he was and had me sit on a high dining stool to do it. Eventually I got into the groove of it and nearly finished a stack of it.

 In the middle of doing my paperwork, I made an offhand comment that I was horny. Without further ado, Sir came by and grabbed my paperwork. He had me get up and marched me to the end of the bed where he stripped all the clothes from me, flinging them haphazardly around the room. He set up our dining room stool on 4 bed-raisers. Watching him set that up was interesting. Not being sure exactly what he would do with it; getting excited about the predicament of it. He had me climb on top of it and lay face down. Because it was a stool, only my torso was actually on it, leaving him to chain my hands to the legs of the stool. He took the spreader bar out and chained my feet to it. It was very precarious - I wanted to squirm and move my legs, but I also didn't want to unbalance myself off the stool. He took out a variety of implements to use on me. He beat me with a length of rope, used our flogger, and used a new toy that the leader of our munch gave us for valentine's day. It's a smaller flogger with bead chain, but boy does it pack a wallop! It also feels nice being dragged across the skin. I was very into everything Sir was doing. Sir took  me just like that, in that position. I have to say, I loved it! It was torture, because I wanted to squirm and move, and even move my legs more to make it more conducive to the positions we were in, but being chained with my arms and having the spreader bar there made it impossible! Sir was able to use that to his advantage and just torture me. He did have to grab hold of me and the stool to make sure I didn't get injured as I started to become less and less careful about my squirming.

Eventually, Sir released me from the chair and had me get onto our bed. He chained my wrists to my collar and kept the spreader bar in place, resuming fucking me. It was just... wonderful. Forceful, intense, sweaty and lovely. I couldn't move my hands to touch him, which I wanted to. I didn't have full use of my legs, as they were chained to the spreader bar. And I think Sir was really into it too - I have two HUGE hickeys on my neck - one is a good 3 inches long. We're not usually the leaving hickeys types, especially because of professionalism. I will wear some high collared shirts to work this week, and some fashionable scarves. But I actually love the feeling of receiving a hickey, so its hard for my brain to speak up and say 'Hey, we may regret this later".

If I cared less about professionalism and what people think I'd probably not regret it at all! But, we do need to make a living. . I do wonder what I would do if Sir decided to put one in a difficult to hide place... how I would deal with it. I'd have to of course. But would societal pressure outweigh my pleasure at making Sir happy? I'm not sure. Right now, I like looking at them, knowing they are there. I just don't want societal consequences. So, as long as its hide-able, I won't care!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Responsible Beatings


Being a responsible adult sucks sometimes.... I do get beat up less though.


Hm... I get beat up more!

Love you, Sir!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Pair Gone!

This evening was good.

Sir and I have been pretty exhausted lately. I'm not quite sure what it is (besides going to bed a tad too late), but we've been dragging ass all week long. I've been trying to catch up on work-related things, and I've just generally been crabby due to exhaustion, stress, and PMS.

After work today, I made us a nice dinner of ham steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. We relaxed and watched some Futurama. Sir then caved and let us go for an after dinner walk.

We used to go for a walk after dinner pretty regularly before winter sucked all the fun out of it. Something about just walking with Sir in our own neighborhood (and with my collar neatly concealed under my scarf) just puts me in a good mood.

Sir encouraged me to take a hot bath after dinner, and then I had time to make lunches for tomorrow, have a snack and play some Guild Wars.

When I was laying my clothes out tonight, Sir mentioned that he hated the color of this particular pair of gaucho pants I own (one of only a handful left!). So I just.... let it go. I picked it up and put it in the donation pile.

I actually really liked those pants. They're comfortable, but dressy, and they look like a skirt. But they're NOT a skirt, so they would have to go anyway.

Just one thing at a time. I have some shorts, and one pair of jeans, one pair of gaucho pants (in a different color) and a pair of sweatpants. I think that is it for all my pants. I am nearing the home stretch in conforming more to dress code!

Monday, March 09, 2015


Yesterday I found myself finally tackling a mountain of paperwork that I've been letting slide for work. Sir kept me motivated.

I would complete a set of the paperwork and then I would be allowed to take a break. During the break, Sir would pull me over his knee and spank me for an unspecified length of time. I know at one point we got to 394 spanks during a session.

At some point during these spankings I wondered in what way this was motivating me. It was definitely welcome - I was wondering if it was motivation that I should finish work sooner so that I could receive another spanking, or maybe as a reward for finally taking it on? Or maybe if I was struck harder and less pleasurably, as a behavior corrector to not let the paperwork get to the point that it has.

Either way, it was a good way to spend a Sunday doing an overall less than pleasant task!

Thursday, March 05, 2015


All that snow we've somehow missed has finally hit us here in Central PA.

Sunday afternoon, Sir and I had a heart-stopping moment and overall shitty evening, but we are so, so lucky. We were driving back from rope class, and I started sliding on the highway, eventually doing a 360 across the road, another 360 off the road, finally righting myself just in time to slide 50 feet down into a ditch.

Miraculously, we didn't hit anyone, we weren't injured, and the car was fine. Just stuck in a ditch. We had to wait 7 hours for a tow in 26 degree weather. That part was terrible. We didn't have heat in my car because we were on the way to get gas when this happened. So we huddled in my backseat under some blankets but we were still pretty cold. Two tow trucks later (the first one couldn't pull us out), we were back on the road, everything in working order. Definitely pissing people off as I drove even slower than normal.

I've got a new appreciation for warmth in the house, and for taking even more time/driving slower when traveling in crappy weather (not that I was speeding or anything; I was in fact doing 20 under the speed limit).

It also made me appreciate people. When we finally stopped spinning, no less than 4 cars pulled over to help. And as we waited for the tow stuck in the car, people kept stopping all day. It's heart-warming to know that people do actually care about one another, and it was just growing up and living in the NYC area that soured my opinion of people.

Today we're getting our first MAJOR storm here. My job closed at 5:30 am, so I didn't have to go in. Sir had to go in, but they closed early. so he was home around lunchtime. I definitely enjoyed serving him this morning, and having the time to do it. Since I wasn't also rushing out of the door, I had time to make him oatmeal, start his car, clean off all the snow, and prepare his lunch. I had time to really enjoy serving him this morning, knowing that these tasks make his life easier. I normally do make his lunch, but it's always rushed and somewhat of an inconvenience. I still do it, but having the time today really make me enjoy the act of it.

Monday, March 02, 2015

I Don't Wear The Pants

Sir's dad called to catch up with him the other day, and to see how we were doing out here.

He also said that he was glad I was here with Sir, so I could have him in control.

Me... controlling Sir.

Apparently, even his own family thinks that I am the one wearing the pants in this relationship.

Maybe it's the best cover for this thing we do that we could actually have!
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