Monday, March 09, 2015


Yesterday I found myself finally tackling a mountain of paperwork that I've been letting slide for work. Sir kept me motivated.

I would complete a set of the paperwork and then I would be allowed to take a break. During the break, Sir would pull me over his knee and spank me for an unspecified length of time. I know at one point we got to 394 spanks during a session.

At some point during these spankings I wondered in what way this was motivating me. It was definitely welcome - I was wondering if it was motivation that I should finish work sooner so that I could receive another spanking, or maybe as a reward for finally taking it on? Or maybe if I was struck harder and less pleasurably, as a behavior corrector to not let the paperwork get to the point that it has.

Either way, it was a good way to spend a Sunday doing an overall less than pleasant task!


  1. I could do with some of that motivation lol

  2. *laughs* Well, it definitely sounds like it made a boring task much more interesting! I should share this motivational tip with Q. XD

  3. I have another mega round of paperwork to do today (only two more weeks of this paperwork inducing job, yay). Maybe he can keep me motivated again!


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