Monday, April 27, 2015

Sleeping Clothes

Sir has a dress code for me that is pretty much what it sounds like. I wear dresses or skirts. In the winter, I wear leggings underneath them for warmth. I don't wear pants outside the house. It has been a long transition in working to streamline the wardrobe and wrap my head around this rule, but I would say I'm  compliant 99% of the time. The times where I am not dressing to Sir's code are with his permission. There was a period of time (months!) where he took that rule off the list, but I was still compliant probably 80% of the time, just on my own.  It truly is easier to adhere to the dress code when you don't own clothes that don't fit the code! Currently, when I have a job interview, I wear a pantsuit. And to bed, I wear pajama pants and some shirt I usually just throw on. And fuzzy socks <3.

Sir's never indicated that he has a problem with the pajama pants, so I'm thinking he's more or less okay with it. At least for now. While I don't think Sir would prefer me to wear a skirt or more likely, a nightshirt to bed, I do think he would just prefer me to be completely naked, wearing just my collar. Sir himself sleeps naked, or sometimes with just his underwear on. This only becomes an issue when we travel and stay with relatives/friends. I actually had to buy him some pajama bottoms because it's not polite to be in someone's living room on an air mattress in your underwear. Sir knows this of course, so he'd just sleep in his jeans. I don't want him to be uncomfortable! So if he does change my nighttime rule, I'd be well equipped for travelling, at least. He's made some passing comments previously about it - my sleeping naked becoming a rule (well before we moved in together). I do love my sleep clothes, though. Especially in the winter.

Only time, and Sir, will tell what happens!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Don't Crack That Whip

Apparently, Sir's dad is really under the impression that I run this shit.

The past few times we've visited with him, he 's made some kind of comment to the general tune of me keeping Sir in line.

We went to visit him for his birthday and at the dinner table in front of much family, he asks if I am cracking the whip on Sir, keeping him on task, amongst other things. I forget exactly, but he made 2-3 statements in a row about me making Sir toe the line. I definitely remember the whip comment though, because I had a hard time answering with a straight face!

I tried to give a neutral, vanilla, but truthful answer, saying that he's perfectly capable without me cracking the whip but I started laughing because of the mental image. Then I was about to say that if anything he cracks the whip on me, but it seemed too revealing. I'm not sure what I said in between quiet chuckles, but I think I might have agreed - that I'm keeping Sir on track.

Oh man!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Religion Has Nothing To Do With It

In my position
I work frequently with teenagers.

Twice this week, I had two different girls at two different times ask me what my religion was. I wasn't sure why they were asking, so I neglected to respond. They should also learn that it's impolite to just come out asking personal questions like that (even though I was not offended at all).

Later, when asking them (individually) why they wanted to know my religion, both of them said it's because they noticed that I wear a skirt everyday, and they wanted to know what religion that was.

Because... you know, if you don't wear pants the only reason could be because of your religion.

One of the girls was more polite and respectful than the other, so I explained to her that my religion (Catholic) has nothing to do with the fact that I wear skirts everyday. I told her that I just liked them and it was a personal choice. She also asked me about what the meaning of my wristcollar was. She didn't call it anything, just pointed. I told her it was just a bracelet that I wear.

It is interesting what people pick up on. Because of the working relationship between us and their age, I feel my answers were appropriate given the situation. Though, had they been adults in a different context I may not have answered any differently. For my own family that I am not out to, I would probably answer similarly.

Speaking of which, I'm off this weekend for a mini reunion. A bunch of us are going to my Aunt's house to meet a brand new baby and celebrate his big sister's birthday! Sir is out of town this weekend, so though I'm sad that he won't be there (and I am already missing him), it will be nice to see everyone.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Can't Top, Sir!

Every once in a while Sir says something to the effect of: well, if you were going to plan a scene, what would you do?

This is so hard for me.

One, as a submissive, I really get uncomfortable with that kind of power and control.

Secondly, if I were to plan a scene that is basically telling Sir what to do to me - I'm not sure if I would be into it. A large part of the appeal is that He is the one who chooses what he wants to do. What implements to use, how I will be positioned, etc.

Thirdly, if I were plan a scene that focuses on my serving Sir... it's very difficult. Sir does not respond positively at all to most forms of touch. If I'm not dancing around naked or actively sucking his cock, he is not interested. He likes massages, but that's about it. I'm also not allowed to touch his hair or feet, and he doesn't like being touched... really anywhere on his body. He actively moves my hands away from rubbing him. So the bag of toys we have are really not useful. I've thought about trying to perform submissive acts for his benefit, but part of the submission is succumbing to his will.

Fourthly, I think I would be... boring. Sir says that when it comes to me, I come up with brilliant ideas that he can use, without thinking first. But I don't know what I would do to him. Or for him that he would enjoy and not be over in 5 minutes.

Sir hasn't demanded that I plan a scene for us, but I wonder what would happen if he made me do it.

My stomach doesn't like the idea.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Definite Hair Progress

I've been growing my hair out for years now. Definitely since meeting Sir, but probably a bit before then too - just not as purposefully.

Today I had a day off from work due to the Easter Holiday. I used it to relax and pamper myself. I took a really long bath, did my feet and toenails, did my fingernails, and I also straightened my hair. My hair has a bit of a natural wave to it, so I like to use a flat-iron to straighten it when I can. I don't do this regularly - it is too much for me and a work routine in the morning. I was meeting Sir at his place of employment so I wanted to look extra spiffy.

I haven't straightened my hair in a few months, but today was a great day to do it! I got to see some real progress on how my hair is growing. Sir likes long hair and I've been growing it for him for over 4 years. We've had some setbacks - major split ends and unhealthiness causing many inches to be cut and a stylist who cut wayyy too much off last year. But today, my hair is nearing my hips! A few months ago, I couldn't cover my own breasts with my hair. But today I can!

I'm going to go for a really short trim (1/8 inch) soon to keep my hair healthy and continue the progress!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Sir's "Tell"

When I'm in public, Sir does not have me  wear any form of collar on my neck. I think he likes the idea of something metal and more discreet, like an eternity collar. We met a girl at a munch last week who wears one and he had a lot of questions. I think it appealed to him.

Though I do have a public symbol on me nearly always. I wear a leather bracelet (which he calls the wristcollar) everywhere I go.

It's pretty vanilla looking, given a brief glance. I believe Sir got it at the Renaissance Faire in NY a couple of years ago. No one has ever questioned me about it.

The other day, we realized that Sir has a public symbol too. He has the handcuff key on his main keyring. No one has ever noticed or wondered why he has a handcuff key. He's not a cop or a first responder. Or maybe no one realizes what that abnormal key is!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

I Love My Dresses

Why can't you wear a dress everyday?

A friend of mine posted on facebook that there was a really pretty dress she wanted, but she couldn't buy it because (among other things) she had nowhere to wear it.

Who says you need a special occasion to wear a dress? This dress also wasn't a ball-gown or something super formal, it was a cute casual dress for everyday wear.

I've found that I really enjoy wearing dresses. At my current job, I'm not sure if my clients have ever seen me in pants. It's also much easier to look put together in the morning. Here's what I had on the day I read my friend's post:

I had to put the scarf on with it because I still had that huge hickey from Sir!
This was so easy to put on and get myself out of the house. It's fast, and it definitely makes a person look nice and more put together than throwing on pants. I got a LOT of compliments at work about this outfit, and it's something that I didn't even think about much - I just threw it on!

So, my friend should buy that dress - wear it just because!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Sir's Hat

I am currently transitioning to a new position for the same company I'm working for. Things are very stressful right now and have been for awhile, but should be more relaxed soon. I am currently doing the new job, while still handling all the loose ends of the old one, and I am working myself ragged. It's past 11pm and I just finished completing some at-home work after continuing to do work after my shift ended for an hour and a half.

I completely forgot about a doctor's appointment and showed up on the wrong day. I forget to pack all the things I should in my lunch. Sir has to (sometimes literally) pull me out of bed every morning. I'm exhausted, irritable, sloppy, and have a general fuck-it attitude right now.

Sir has been very supportive, trying to help me as much as I can so we can get through this job and into one that gives me more free time and same pay.

Yesterday, in my dumb brain I couldn't seem to find a single one of my 4 or so winter hats as I was walking out of the door. It is still cold here in the mornings. I was getting frustrated when he told me to wait a moment. He came back with his ONLY winter hat, and lovingly pulled it down around my head.

Sometimes I just want to hug that man so hard.
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