Saturday, April 18, 2015

Religion Has Nothing To Do With It

In my position
I work frequently with teenagers.

Twice this week, I had two different girls at two different times ask me what my religion was. I wasn't sure why they were asking, so I neglected to respond. They should also learn that it's impolite to just come out asking personal questions like that (even though I was not offended at all).

Later, when asking them (individually) why they wanted to know my religion, both of them said it's because they noticed that I wear a skirt everyday, and they wanted to know what religion that was.

Because... you know, if you don't wear pants the only reason could be because of your religion.

One of the girls was more polite and respectful than the other, so I explained to her that my religion (Catholic) has nothing to do with the fact that I wear skirts everyday. I told her that I just liked them and it was a personal choice. She also asked me about what the meaning of my wristcollar was. She didn't call it anything, just pointed. I told her it was just a bracelet that I wear.

It is interesting what people pick up on. Because of the working relationship between us and their age, I feel my answers were appropriate given the situation. Though, had they been adults in a different context I may not have answered any differently. For my own family that I am not out to, I would probably answer similarly.

Speaking of which, I'm off this weekend for a mini reunion. A bunch of us are going to my Aunt's house to meet a brand new baby and celebrate his big sister's birthday! Sir is out of town this weekend, so though I'm sad that he won't be there (and I am already missing him), it will be nice to see everyone.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's interesting. I don't think I would have ever made a thought leap from skirts every day to religious reasons for it...

    1. I didn't think so either. I live in a conservative area with Amish and Mennonite groups, so I'm wondering if that is why they thought as they did...


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