Monday, April 27, 2015

Sleeping Clothes

Sir has a dress code for me that is pretty much what it sounds like. I wear dresses or skirts. In the winter, I wear leggings underneath them for warmth. I don't wear pants outside the house. It has been a long transition in working to streamline the wardrobe and wrap my head around this rule, but I would say I'm  compliant 99% of the time. The times where I am not dressing to Sir's code are with his permission. There was a period of time (months!) where he took that rule off the list, but I was still compliant probably 80% of the time, just on my own.  It truly is easier to adhere to the dress code when you don't own clothes that don't fit the code! Currently, when I have a job interview, I wear a pantsuit. And to bed, I wear pajama pants and some shirt I usually just throw on. And fuzzy socks <3.

Sir's never indicated that he has a problem with the pajama pants, so I'm thinking he's more or less okay with it. At least for now. While I don't think Sir would prefer me to wear a skirt or more likely, a nightshirt to bed, I do think he would just prefer me to be completely naked, wearing just my collar. Sir himself sleeps naked, or sometimes with just his underwear on. This only becomes an issue when we travel and stay with relatives/friends. I actually had to buy him some pajama bottoms because it's not polite to be in someone's living room on an air mattress in your underwear. Sir knows this of course, so he'd just sleep in his jeans. I don't want him to be uncomfortable! So if he does change my nighttime rule, I'd be well equipped for travelling, at least. He's made some passing comments previously about it - my sleeping naked becoming a rule (well before we moved in together). I do love my sleep clothes, though. Especially in the winter.

Only time, and Sir, will tell what happens!


  1. I generally have to sleep naked. If it is really cold I can wear a t shirt, or if I'm on my period, panties, but that's it. Master usually sleeps in only a t shirt.

    1. Sir and I were talking and he's thinking of having me go to just panties, if anything (and my collar of course) for bed. In the winter, maybe I'll keep my pajamas. He's not sure yet.


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