Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Sir's Hat

I am currently transitioning to a new position for the same company I'm working for. Things are very stressful right now and have been for awhile, but should be more relaxed soon. I am currently doing the new job, while still handling all the loose ends of the old one, and I am working myself ragged. It's past 11pm and I just finished completing some at-home work after continuing to do work after my shift ended for an hour and a half.

I completely forgot about a doctor's appointment and showed up on the wrong day. I forget to pack all the things I should in my lunch. Sir has to (sometimes literally) pull me out of bed every morning. I'm exhausted, irritable, sloppy, and have a general fuck-it attitude right now.

Sir has been very supportive, trying to help me as much as I can so we can get through this job and into one that gives me more free time and same pay.

Yesterday, in my dumb brain I couldn't seem to find a single one of my 4 or so winter hats as I was walking out of the door. It is still cold here in the mornings. I was getting frustrated when he told me to wait a moment. He came back with his ONLY winter hat, and lovingly pulled it down around my head.

Sometimes I just want to hug that man so hard.


  1. Gah, sorry you're in such a rough spot and hope things get easier soon! And yes, the hat thing is so very sweet, love that he's looking out for you. =D

    1. Aw thanks. He really is a sweet man. I'll have to remember that when he's beating my ass next!


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