Thursday, April 02, 2015

I Love My Dresses

Why can't you wear a dress everyday?

A friend of mine posted on facebook that there was a really pretty dress she wanted, but she couldn't buy it because (among other things) she had nowhere to wear it.

Who says you need a special occasion to wear a dress? This dress also wasn't a ball-gown or something super formal, it was a cute casual dress for everyday wear.

I've found that I really enjoy wearing dresses. At my current job, I'm not sure if my clients have ever seen me in pants. It's also much easier to look put together in the morning. Here's what I had on the day I read my friend's post:

I had to put the scarf on with it because I still had that huge hickey from Sir!
This was so easy to put on and get myself out of the house. It's fast, and it definitely makes a person look nice and more put together than throwing on pants. I got a LOT of compliments at work about this outfit, and it's something that I didn't even think about much - I just threw it on!

So, my friend should buy that dress - wear it just because!


  1. Love the scarf. Wish I could get into wearing dresses/skirts more but I love my jeans/yoga pants too much, I guess. I did wear skirts/dresses a lot more when I was working, I noticed, and do sometimes wear a dress/skirt on datenights. I just realized I tend to wear pants more in the winter and skirts/dresses more in the spring/summer. Guess I need to find warmer tights or leggings for winter!

  2. Thanks, ladies!

    I do enjoy lounging about/comfortable clothes. I loved my yoga pants. But I do love pleasing Sir more. If I am in the house, I can wear my pajamas, which usually involve pants, but other than that, I'm dressed!

    It has been an unusually COLD winter here, and with leggings under my dresses, I've been fine! When wearing a long skirt or dress, I'm actually warmer!


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