Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Don't Crack That Whip

Apparently, Sir's dad is really under the impression that I run this shit.

The past few times we've visited with him, he 's made some kind of comment to the general tune of me keeping Sir in line.

We went to visit him for his birthday and at the dinner table in front of much family, he asks if I am cracking the whip on Sir, keeping him on task, amongst other things. I forget exactly, but he made 2-3 statements in a row about me making Sir toe the line. I definitely remember the whip comment though, because I had a hard time answering with a straight face!

I tried to give a neutral, vanilla, but truthful answer, saying that he's perfectly capable without me cracking the whip but I started laughing because of the mental image. Then I was about to say that if anything he cracks the whip on me, but it seemed too revealing. I'm not sure what I said in between quiet chuckles, but I think I might have agreed - that I'm keeping Sir on track.

Oh man!

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