Monday, April 06, 2015

Sir's "Tell"

When I'm in public, Sir does not have me  wear any form of collar on my neck. I think he likes the idea of something metal and more discreet, like an eternity collar. We met a girl at a munch last week who wears one and he had a lot of questions. I think it appealed to him.

Though I do have a public symbol on me nearly always. I wear a leather bracelet (which he calls the wristcollar) everywhere I go.

It's pretty vanilla looking, given a brief glance. I believe Sir got it at the Renaissance Faire in NY a couple of years ago. No one has ever questioned me about it.

The other day, we realized that Sir has a public symbol too. He has the handcuff key on his main keyring. No one has ever noticed or wondered why he has a handcuff key. He's not a cop or a first responder. Or maybe no one realizes what that abnormal key is!

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