Friday, June 17, 2011

I Love Rope

Goodness I’ve been busy. I took some time off to go on vacation (which was wonderful!), finished up my old job (today), and my new job starts on Monday. In the middle of all that insanity though, with the Dom I’ve had a realization.

I. Love. Rope.

Honestly, rope is just amazing. The way it’s restrictive and binding, the way it slides around your skin, the aesthetic; it’s just incredible. I love being tied up! There’s so many things you can do with it, and it creates a really personal and intimate feeling in different ways.

The Dom put me in my first hogtie recently, and it was just fantastic. He didn’t let me know what he was planning to do; he just gave me instructions. I really liked that. It was very enjoyable to listen to the quiet, yet assertive sound of his voice telling me what to do and complying. I was face down as he went to work on me. It was driving me crazy having him so close, pressing into me at times, while the rope would lightly slap my skin (which I love) as he completed his ties. Finally he connected my legs to my arms and the pieces clicked into place. I’m surprised it took me so long to realize what his intentions were, but I really enjoyed the anticipation. I loved being so restrained, the squirming - I really indented the rope into my skin with all my struggling, leaving rope indents on my limbs, which I found pleasing. I had some mobility in this tie; I was able to get onto my feet. A practical note however - remember that you CAN’T stand up when on your feet/knees. I know that sounds obvious; but I would just forget, and I actually tried standing up, unthinkingly, and went falling, crashing onto the floor/furniture. That certainly killed the mood, even though it was sort of funny. He was able to save the situation though, and got me back where I belonged.

A different but lovely experience is hair bondage. He loves my long hair, and I’m continuing to grow it out. Binding it is a different from a hogtie, or the other ties we’ve tried but it’s also a very close experience that I cherish. I will calmly sit at his feet as he intricately wraps my hair. I loved having my hair touched, so it’s very pleasant. It’s also a very intimate and personal thing to have someone touch your hair, and it’s something that I feel brings a new closeness to us; I feel very connected to him. It’s also very aesthetically appealing. The weight of the rope is heavy on my head, but I like it; wearing it for him. I get enjoyment knowing that he finds it pleasing, and the weight is like a bit of a reminder of him, wherever we go. When we go into public, this is one of the things we can do. It's exhilarating being "out there", yet it could just be a funny hairstyle to some.
Smaller Rope Hair Bondage.

Thicker rope hair bondage. You can also see the Big Bad Monster Collar. It's huge!
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