Sunday, December 06, 2015

Don't Trim Your Tree, Trim Your Submissive

I think I'm finally up to decorating our place for the holidays. It's been difficult before; Christmas music and the thought of the holiday makes me melancholy.

Sir helped me take out our decorations and tree and we got to decorating.

But not the tree - yet.

Hope you're all starting to have a good holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!

This was inspired by the 
Sinful Sunday Prompt: 


  1. Love how you've taken the joy of Christmas decorating to a whole other level!


  2. these are so playful and lovely!!!

  3. Love the fun in this and love the title!

    Rebel xox

  4. Looks like the perfect Christmas decorations to me! Welcome to Sinful Sunday!

    Do you have a Twitter account, if you do could you tweet at me so I can find you @mollysdailykiss


  5. This is delightfully festive and fun. Thanks

  6. Oh, now this is an idea I could get behind. We should have a "decorate your submissive" contest, kinda like they have to see who has the best Christmas light display on the houses in the neighborhood! Of course, our criteria for judging might be a bit different...

  7. Now that is how you decorate!

  8. Thank you all so much. We had a lot of fun!

    @Molly: I don't really use twitter I have an account, but I can't really get into the whole Twitter thing.

    @Jake - That would be a neat contest. Maybe with a basket of different materials to use, and see how people use them differently!


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