Friday, May 25, 2018

Injury Update

I've been a little MIA lately, and I expect that will be the norm for the next several weeks until we move and are settled into the new place. There's just... a lot.

I ended up really injuring my knee. My hamstring tendon is torn. I'm wearing a brace, and I'm on light duty at work. I can't walk for extended periods of time, and sports practice is definitely out. I'm still going, but I'm just observing now. Its the worst timing too; I have nearly met all my requirements to join the actual team, and this is going to set me back, by months probably. Sir and I are also trying to pack to get ready for the move, and my injury is definitely not helping.

I have a long commute to work and driving in my car hurts. Plus, it is causing strain at work as we try to figure out how to have other people balance the physical responsibilities I cannot do right now. Everyone has been very understanding about it; I just feel terrible.

I am picking up Sir from work in a little bit, and then he is going to drive us to NY (so I can rest my knee). It is my mom's 60th birthday tomorrow. My brother and I chipped in to get her a new computer. She has been without a real computer for a couple of years now. We got her a tablet, but she hasn't taken to it. She's just not used to it, I guess. So I hope she'll be more comfortable with the new technology. We tried to pick things that would be as familiar to her as possible. I don't consider my mom to be old, but she has always been what she calls an "electronic nightmare". She doesn't take to technology well. Conversely, my 81 year old grandmother is pretty tech savvy! I guess it skipped my mom.

Tomorrow we're going to surprise her with Red Lobster and a cake. My mom broke her back last month and while she isn't paralyzed, she isn't very mobile while she is healing. She had "a procedure" on her spine last Friday (she refuses to call it surgery), and hopefully she can start healing, but it is going to take time. So we are going to bring the party to her. Red Lobster has an online to-go ordering system. I'm going to tell her that I'm picking up my brother, and while I am going to do that, we'll swing by the restaurant to pick up her surprise food and get a little cake.

Tomorrow night, Sir and I are going to a fancy get-together for his family. His aunt and uncle are celebrating 50 years of marriage! I always enjoy getting all dolled up with Sir. It will be nice to schmooze with his extended family too; I definitely feel like we don't do that enough.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Asked for a Spanking

Lately, I've been feeling like things are just too much. I have too much to do. I've been too much in charge. And the few things I *wish* I could be in charge of (like my body working) are out of my control.

I was feeling "off". Not submissive. Not quite me.

I fretted about it. About getting off track. About going back down that rabbit hole again. It took so very long for us to get back on track, so to speak. After reading some blogs, I decided to do what others have done, and go to Sir. Ask him for a spanking.

And once I thought about that, I fretted over that too. Sir wasn't going to be home from work for awhile. I don't recall ever asking him for a spanking. He's given them to me when he's said I'd needed it, but I don't recall actually asking. It's just not something we do; not part of our dynamic. At least, it wasn't.

When he got home, I didn't ask immediately. A couple hours went by. Eventually I brought it up when Sir was getting ready to take a shower. I talked about how we'd been letting things go, and that I've been stressed and that I just felt like I needed a spanking. That I felt like I would be better with one.

Well, no sooner did the words come out of my mouth, did he have his hands in my hair and was pulling me down to the bed. He gave me about ten good swats before letting me up.

"This is just a warm-up. I am going to take a shower and then there will be more."

He finished his shower, and said: "Bitch, get me a glass of water."

I think that he may have needed this, too. Just the mention of it had him in a more domly headspace.

I brought him some water. He instructed me to get face down on the bed. We were careful about my knee.

And then he started. Lightly at first. Over my pajamas and panties. It had been a long time. He lingered, drawing the process out, allowing me to get warmed up. Just his hand, swatting me, rubbing, stroking, pinching. He increased his intensity, delivering stronger and faster blows.

And then, he asked me if I knew why he wanted me to bring him some water.

"... Because you were thirsty, Sir?"

"Well, yes, but also so I could do this!"

He placed that cold cup right on my back, pressing it into my flesh. He gets a kick out of being "mean".

He continued striking me, every so often caressing his handiwork. I heard him leave briefly, then felt the sharp sting of his belt. I reveled in hearing it cut through the air, even as I braced myself for impact, clenching my muscles almost involuntarily. I felt joy in hearing the belt tap his back as he pulled his hand back for the next blow. A steady rhythm to lose yourself into.

In the past 7 years, Sir has gotten very good with his aim. Good enough to give me a little mindfuck, stroking me, then hitting with the belt in almost the same area. Raising his hand off me as though to spank, only to feel the blow of the belt. It was hard to tell what was going to come next. Eventually he pulled my pajamas down, gradually letting it get more and more intense, before pulling my panties down and really laying into me, reddening my ass.

Abruptly, he stopped.

"Bitch, refill my water."

"Yes, Sir."

He had me gingerly get off the bed, and walk awkwardly into the kitchen with my pajamas and panties pulled down around my knees to refill his cup. Something about that is humiliating. And hot.

He shared his water with me, then told me to get back down on the bed.

He wasn't pulling any punches this time. He switched from his short belt, to the thicker belt I am required to wear as part of my work uniform. It certainly packs a wallop, I came to find out. I was squirming and moaning by the end of it.

And I can just imagine what I'll be thinking about next time I have to wear it!

Once he was done, he had me sit up. I am pretty tender, even just sitting on the soft bed. But it was a nice little reminder that I will carry with me tomorrow.

I definitely feel better. More focused. More centered. And I think Sir does too.

Thank you, Sir.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Collar is Back After Over a Week!

Things have felt so crazy here lately. If it wasn't for Fit for Friday, I probably wouldn't have posted at all in the past three weeks.

I don't think it is going to slow down until mid-summer. We found a place! And now...we have to move. We have to pack. An entire two bedroom apartment, plus the basement, which is full of my dad's stuff. That is probably going to take up all of our free time.

I am currently sitting with my leg up. I strained my tendon (hopefully; it may be a tear), and was told to be off of it for four days. The first two days I had work at a big event we were putting on. There was a lot of moving, though I tried to be "off" of it as much as I could. Today and tomorrow, I am off. So I will rest it as much as possible. I feel guilt that some things aren't getting done right now though (cleaning, packing, yardwork, etc). But I'll see if I can do some of it without causing pain and stress to my knee.

In other news, I am happy to say I am back to wearing my collar. It was off for about a week and a half. I had some kind of irritation or rash or something on my neck and the collar was exacerbating it.  I also noticed I had a pimple and I think I'm getting more skin tags. I'm wondering if all that is due to the collar. I have been remiss in that I don't think we really ever clean this leather. It's not something I ever thought about. Though it is not jewelry, I think I treat it as such, and I hardly ever clean my jewelry either (unless it needs it). But my neck is finally better after giving it a break. It finally healed enough for the collar to come back. It actually felt weird! I thought I was so used to it, but after just over a week of it being off, it felt a little like a stranger again.

It's back, and thank goodness. I think it does wonders for my headspace. Without it, I can feel myself drifting from submission. I probably need to ask Sir for a spanking or something.

Friday, May 11, 2018

FFF 15 - On Time with Good News!

Fit for Friday!!! I'm liking FFF not only for the health challenge, but this has become where I've started doing my "regular life" updates each week as well.

Great news this week. Sir and I got the apartment we applied for!

We'll be moving in July, less than 2 months away! We're very excited. And now, we have a LOT of packing to do.

In other news I screwed my knee up on Saturday.  Finally got to the Doctor today, it's likely sprained. If it doesn't start to heal in the next 4 days, then it might be torn, and I'll need an MRI. I really hope it starts to heal. I have a very active job which isn't helping, and I can't play my sport like this.

I hope it starts healing so I can get back into the swing of things.

Workouts: 3/7 - Two sports practices. Lots of walking and physical activity at work. My knee made it difficult to do more.

Eating: 3/7 - Three decent days. I went out with the girls after practice and made some poor life choices on Wednesday. The rest of the days I threw myself a bit of an eating party. Its how I cope with stress, pain, and PMSing.

Weight: Maintained this week. I'll take it!

Stress: πŸ‘Ž It's been a bit rough at work, and with my knee. 

Decluttering: πŸ‘Ž None really this week. But now that we have a place I expect there to be much purging and packing! I'm off on Monday, I expect to start then.

Sleep: 5.5/7 - πŸ‘ Did great this week, totally made up for last week. Just gotta try to keep it up. Wednesday I didn't do too hot, staying out till about 1 am, then going to work, but the other days

Sunday, May 06, 2018

FFF: 14 - Late; Life Asplode

Super late with my Fit for Friday. It is Sunday night right now, ha. Better late than never, though!

Life has been crazy this week. I worked overtime 4/5 of my work days. I went to sports practice three days this week, plus I volunteered at our game last night. Sir and I are also apartment hunting, contacting people and doing showings and whatnot. We think we have found a suitable one. We're meeting this Tuesday to apply - keep your fingers crossed! I can't wait for it to be July, and for life to be just... less. This is not the kind of asplode we need. We need this kind:

One of the few downsides to the place we want is we can't get a cat. But we also don't have to be there forever, either. Onto this past week!

If you haven't checked in with Fondles for Fit for Friday, do so! 
Apparently I am not the only late one this week!!

Workouts: 5/7 - Three sports practices. Did an interval running thing with Sir tonight, then we finished that up with a walk. On Monday, we went out for dinner and had a longer walk to and from the restaurant. I love living in a walkable area! I was also pretty active with work and volunteering, though I didn't count them as specific workouts.

Eating: 1.5/7 - I logged, but between getting brunch with a friend, movie popcorn with Sir, pizza Sir got cause I left out the taco meat all day and went to work (he is awesome by the way, no complaints about the pizza), and eating fast food out while we were apartment hunting, I definitely overdid it. But increased activity must have balanced it out.

Weight:  πŸ‘ Down 1.2 lbs! Starting to lose the stuff I gained while I was away. I'm still higher than where I need to be. I go up, I go down, like a yoyo, but I keep gaining and losing the same 2 - 3 lbs. My next breakthrough, I feel will be getting to 172, then lower!!

Stress: πŸ‘ŽThis has been a crazy week. Sir and I are both feeling it.

Decluttering: πŸ‘Though my house is a total wreck and every dish we own needs to be washed (tomorrow!), we did donate our cat stuff to the local pet pantry. Out went his litter box, litter mat, food and water dish, food mat, cat scratcher, toys and balls, fur brush, pet carrier, and fancy water fountain. It was actually more stuff than we realized, and I'm not convinced there's not more down there (I know we bought him a bed). My heart is a little heavy with giving it away. I miss my little furball. And though we want another kitty, I wondered if it would be weird (for us, kitty won't care) for new kitty to be using old kitty's stuff. It is a moot point though; we figured that we're not going to be able to get another cat for awhile, plus we don't want to pack it up when we move. So out it goes. And it's a good cause!

Sleep: 3/7 - Definitely feeling sleep deprived. With everything going on, there were quite a few nights with about 6 hours. That is not sufficient for me. At the end of this week I was at a 9+ hour deficit (my sleep app tracks that). Hopefully I can "catch up", though that's not really how it works.

Hope you all had a good week. I'll try to get around and play catch up with you soon!

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