Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Asked for a Spanking

Lately, I've been feeling like things are just too much. I have too much to do. I've been too much in charge. And the few things I *wish* I could be in charge of (like my body working) are out of my control.

I was feeling "off". Not submissive. Not quite me.

I fretted about it. About getting off track. About going back down that rabbit hole again. It took so very long for us to get back on track, so to speak. After reading some blogs, I decided to do what others have done, and go to Sir. Ask him for a spanking.

And once I thought about that, I fretted over that too. Sir wasn't going to be home from work for awhile. I don't recall ever asking him for a spanking. He's given them to me when he's said I'd needed it, but I don't recall actually asking. It's just not something we do; not part of our dynamic. At least, it wasn't.

When he got home, I didn't ask immediately. A couple hours went by. Eventually I brought it up when Sir was getting ready to take a shower. I talked about how we'd been letting things go, and that I've been stressed and that I just felt like I needed a spanking. That I felt like I would be better with one.

Well, no sooner did the words come out of my mouth, did he have his hands in my hair and was pulling me down to the bed. He gave me about ten good swats before letting me up.

"This is just a warm-up. I am going to take a shower and then there will be more."

He finished his shower, and said: "Bitch, get me a glass of water."

I think that he may have needed this, too. Just the mention of it had him in a more domly headspace.

I brought him some water. He instructed me to get face down on the bed. We were careful about my knee.

And then he started. Lightly at first. Over my pajamas and panties. It had been a long time. He lingered, drawing the process out, allowing me to get warmed up. Just his hand, swatting me, rubbing, stroking, pinching. He increased his intensity, delivering stronger and faster blows.

And then, he asked me if I knew why he wanted me to bring him some water.

"... Because you were thirsty, Sir?"

"Well, yes, but also so I could do this!"

He placed that cold cup right on my back, pressing it into my flesh. He gets a kick out of being "mean".

He continued striking me, every so often caressing his handiwork. I heard him leave briefly, then felt the sharp sting of his belt. I reveled in hearing it cut through the air, even as I braced myself for impact, clenching my muscles almost involuntarily. I felt joy in hearing the belt tap his back as he pulled his hand back for the next blow. A steady rhythm to lose yourself into.

In the past 7 years, Sir has gotten very good with his aim. Good enough to give me a little mindfuck, stroking me, then hitting with the belt in almost the same area. Raising his hand off me as though to spank, only to feel the blow of the belt. It was hard to tell what was going to come next. Eventually he pulled my pajamas down, gradually letting it get more and more intense, before pulling my panties down and really laying into me, reddening my ass.

Abruptly, he stopped.

"Bitch, refill my water."

"Yes, Sir."

He had me gingerly get off the bed, and walk awkwardly into the kitchen with my pajamas and panties pulled down around my knees to refill his cup. Something about that is humiliating. And hot.

He shared his water with me, then told me to get back down on the bed.

He wasn't pulling any punches this time. He switched from his short belt, to the thicker belt I am required to wear as part of my work uniform. It certainly packs a wallop, I came to find out. I was squirming and moaning by the end of it.

And I can just imagine what I'll be thinking about next time I have to wear it!

Once he was done, he had me sit up. I am pretty tender, even just sitting on the soft bed. But it was a nice little reminder that I will carry with me tomorrow.

I definitely feel better. More focused. More centered. And I think Sir does too.

Thank you, Sir.


  1. Hi Lea, sorry you have been feeling out of sorts. Asking for a spanking is so damn hard, good on you for doing so. It's amazing what a spanking can do isn't it :) Sounds like it was what you both needed.


  2. Oh yeah, so much power in that "asking". Hope you feel more you <3

  3. Well done Lea for asking for a spanking instead of getting into trouble. I hope your feeling better after it!

  4. Yay! I'm proud of you. Asking rather than wishing - much better. Now, stop that fretting and you'll have oodles of time to play with Sir.

  5. Asking is perfectly healthy. Sometimes if I need to ask and feel too embarrassed to say the words, I'll text my Honey instead.

    (As an aside, I accept that different things work very well for different people, but as much as I liked your overall post, I have to admit it took some conscious effort to overcome my negative gut reaction to the name-calling. But that's just my issue I guess. Rosa doesn't like it either so no matter how strict she wants to be, she won't resort to it. However, I do know plenty of people who seem to like it. It's kind of funny that hearing about you getting your butt totally roasted didn't bother me at all and yet hearing you called one 5-letter word did. ;-) )

    1. It honestly took me awhile to realize what you meant by "name-calling" and 5-letter words. Is it any vulgarity that bothers you both, or specifically those words when it comes to name-calling?

      I am very desensitized to cursing. My father was a NYC construction worker. It was very normalized in my household.

      Though outwardly it seems harsh, for us it is a term of endearment. I wrote a bit about my feelings about it here:


  6. Glad you were able to ask for, and get, what you have been needing!

  7. I always always struggle with asking, but a wise friend reminded me recently that my man is NOT a mind reader! Thank you for sharing, it helps others to realize this too!

  8. Roz, Thank you. It is amazing how something like that can turn your mind around!

    Bleue - I suppose there is power in the asking... or maybe a release of that power?

    Daisy, thank you. It is a hard thing to do, and I did feel better!

    Thank you, Amy. I will try to stop with the fretting, but sometimes that's really hard for me!

    Thank you, NoraJean!

    Baker - It is always a good reminder about our partners NOT being mind readers. I often wonder sometimes why Sir doesn't think of the same things I do. We're just wired differently and I have to open my mouth for him to know my head!


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