Monday, May 14, 2018

Collar is Back After Over a Week!

Things have felt so crazy here lately. If it wasn't for Fit for Friday, I probably wouldn't have posted at all in the past three weeks.

I don't think it is going to slow down until mid-summer. We found a place! And now...we have to move. We have to pack. An entire two bedroom apartment, plus the basement, which is full of my dad's stuff. That is probably going to take up all of our free time.

I am currently sitting with my leg up. I strained my tendon (hopefully; it may be a tear), and was told to be off of it for four days. The first two days I had work at a big event we were putting on. There was a lot of moving, though I tried to be "off" of it as much as I could. Today and tomorrow, I am off. So I will rest it as much as possible. I feel guilt that some things aren't getting done right now though (cleaning, packing, yardwork, etc). But I'll see if I can do some of it without causing pain and stress to my knee.

In other news, I am happy to say I am back to wearing my collar. It was off for about a week and a half. I had some kind of irritation or rash or something on my neck and the collar was exacerbating it.  I also noticed I had a pimple and I think I'm getting more skin tags. I'm wondering if all that is due to the collar. I have been remiss in that I don't think we really ever clean this leather. It's not something I ever thought about. Though it is not jewelry, I think I treat it as such, and I hardly ever clean my jewelry either (unless it needs it). But my neck is finally better after giving it a break. It finally healed enough for the collar to come back. It actually felt weird! I thought I was so used to it, but after just over a week of it being off, it felt a little like a stranger again.

It's back, and thank goodness. I think it does wonders for my headspace. Without it, I can feel myself drifting from submission. I probably need to ask Sir for a spanking or something.


  1. Hi Lea, that is such fantastic news about the apartment, happy for you :) Good luck packing :)

    Sorry to hear about the injury. It's good you have a couple of days off so you can rest it. I know the timing is bad with having to get ready for the move but resting it is important.

    I bet it feels strange wearing the collar again after a little time without it. Be careful though as the rash and tags may very well be caused by the collar, or further irritated by it at least.

    Hope the leg heals quickly.


    1. Thanks again, Roz!

      I hope it heals so I can play sports! And definitely so I can pack. Sir is here, but I will feel bad if he has to do the bulk of it. I got some moving boxes from work and literally threw them down the stairs to the basement since I am not supposed to do stairs right now!

  2. Hi there,
    I'm curious about the collar. May I ask? Do you wear it all the time? Is it just for play? Does it look like jewelry?

    1. Hi Amy,

      I wear the collar anytime I am in the house. It's not just for play, but I don't wear it outside of the home. It does not look like jewelry; it's a BIG black leather collar with three O-rings on it. I found an old photo of it here on my blog:

      I have had other collars than this one. We started with a small black dog collar. We also use a big metal chain at times:

      There was also a supple suede collar I called the comfy collar:

      I used to have a small leather bracelet we called the wristcollar that I wore all the time. It was kind of like my mini-collar. There was just a button to keep it secure and unfortunately several months ago it finally popped off, gone forever. I do miss it, and hope Sir will decide that something like it should return.

      I didn't think you wore a collar. Do you? Or if not, is Eric thinking about it?

  3. You might want to get something equally symbolic, but less 'chafey' to trade off with. Maybe a simple 'dog tag' embossed with your status? Probably a healthy idea to give your skin a break now and then.

    1. It's really up to him. I take it off to shower, and leave it off if my hair is drying so as not to damage it. So I do get breaks, but I should think about its cleanliness more.


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