Friday, May 11, 2018

FFF 15 - On Time with Good News!

Fit for Friday!!! I'm liking FFF not only for the health challenge, but this has become where I've started doing my "regular life" updates each week as well.

Great news this week. Sir and I got the apartment we applied for!

We'll be moving in July, less than 2 months away! We're very excited. And now, we have a LOT of packing to do.

In other news I screwed my knee up on Saturday.  Finally got to the Doctor today, it's likely sprained. If it doesn't start to heal in the next 4 days, then it might be torn, and I'll need an MRI. I really hope it starts to heal. I have a very active job which isn't helping, and I can't play my sport like this.

I hope it starts healing so I can get back into the swing of things.

Workouts: 3/7 - Two sports practices. Lots of walking and physical activity at work. My knee made it difficult to do more.

Eating: 3/7 - Three decent days. I went out with the girls after practice and made some poor life choices on Wednesday. The rest of the days I threw myself a bit of an eating party. Its how I cope with stress, pain, and PMSing.

Weight: Maintained this week. I'll take it!

Stress: 👎 It's been a bit rough at work, and with my knee. 

Decluttering: 👎 None really this week. But now that we have a place I expect there to be much purging and packing! I'm off on Monday, I expect to start then.

Sleep: 5.5/7 - 👍 Did great this week, totally made up for last week. Just gotta try to keep it up. Wednesday I didn't do too hot, staying out till about 1 am, then going to work, but the other days


  1. Fantastic news about getting the place you wanted! Hope your knee heals quickly.


  2. How exciting! If you need to give your knee a break, you can focus on the de-clutter part of FFF and lesson the amount of stuff you'll need to pack and move. Yay for you.

    1. That's definitely a good idea. We're going to have to purge, I don't want to move all this!!

  3. Hi Lea, congratulations on the apartment! fantastic news:) Sorry to hear about the knee and hope it isn't torn and heals quickly.

    Good luck with the decluttering and packing.


  4. i find that i'm all about the real life updates nowadays too... there's not a lot of writing about kink going on LOL.

    and yes, I love that we're getting real life updates from you too!

    Gratz on the house!

    1. For me, it's hard to write about kink when there's not a lot of it going on. We're busy, and Sir is dealing with some mental stuff. Kink is really not happening in my house right now.

      I like the real life updates from people... I guess it is how we get to know everyone, besides fun sexytimes!


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