Wednesday, October 06, 2021

How to Make Your Little Happy #572

Sir and I have been trying to take a walk together after work each night. Get into a routine.

During our most recent walk, the local candy store was open! They've been closed for a while due to the pandemic.

This store is great. They always have amazing window displays, too. It was exciting to be able to walk in there and pick things out.

Sir let me have some candy too. 

The lime green ones are my favorite!

I was so happy to enjoy the candy on our walk. I felt little, and carefree. Skipping along in my mind.

Thank you, Sir!


  1. Good on you for getting walks in together, and yay to the candy store being open! Heaven to a little:)


  2. I feel this. After our walks at the beach sometimes we'll pull into the gas station on the drive back, and BIKSS will ask if I'm feeling like having donuts! The tiny donuts covered with chocolate are my favourite :)


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