Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Checking In

Been laying low lately. Super overwhelmed at work (they changed my position a few weeks ago... again. No warning and a mountain of work and stress). Just another month before this job is over. It will be both a blessing and a curse. Less work stress but more financial stress and we're already strapped right now. Somehow it will all work out. It has to.

I actually had my first migraine ever yesterday. Probably something to do with this job. Sir had to explain what had happened to me. I've had headaches before, but never the flashing lights and tunnel vision, etc. I thought I was having a stroke! I think I had another one today because I was seeing weird things with my eyes combined with the headache. I hope this isn't a recurring thing.

Yesterday while in the checkout line at Walmart an older gent chatted me up about my hair. Apparently he has a fetish for long hair on women. He was actually cute - I believe he thought he may have offended me, but I assured him that I wasn't taken aback. I think it's that line of being truthful but trying not to be too forward and stumbling over your words... I suppose I found that part of it cute.

Not much to report D/s wise. Sir and I work our butts off everyday, get home late and then pass out after a quick dinner. We've had some late night talks about our stress levels, exhaustion, and being consistent. But I think that right now, this may just be the ebb and flow of things. You can't do everything at once and just keeping our heads above water is about all we can focus on right now. We've stopped going to munches too. Not because we don't want to or because of any members of the group. It's purely a financial thing.

I have an interview later this week for a full time position starting in a couple of months so maybe there's hope yet.

Sir did make a decision to switch me to the smaller comfy collar. He said it was because of the heat. I do think he feels it more acutely than I do. Don't get me wrong - when its up in the 90's, the big collar sticks to me, and it is uncomfortable. But I wasn't even thinking about not wearing it, and I didn't think it was that bad yet. And now that I've been wearing the big collar all the time (even to bed) for the past few months, wearing the comfy collar almost makes me feel naked!

Sir also decided that I will no longer wear a top to bed (but bottoms are okay). He's not officially enacted that rule yet, but it's coming!

Hope you've all been doing well this Spring!


  1. Sorry to hear you've been under a lot of stress, i was wondering why you'd been so quiet. i'm a little concerned to hear you had two migraines in a row with an aura, never even having one before. Maybe a trip to your doctor is in order and usually i "under-react" when it comes to headaches. =) Take care, hope you're feeling better! Maybe this was just a "one-off" and you won't get anymore! =)

    1. I haven't had another after those two so far. It's not been much time since, however.

      If another one happens, I'll go to the doctor! I hope I don't have another.


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