Thursday, May 21, 2015

Like I Need a Reason to Cuddle

I am a HUGE cuddler. Definitely a cuddle-whore.

Before Sir and I started dating, he had not had a girlfriend in many years. So I think perhaps he was unused to someone wanting to hug and touch and cuddle on him. Then I come along and not only do I want those things, but I want them to the Nth degree.

He often has to verbally (and sometimes physically) restrain me when getting into bed because I can't wait for him to get in and settled before I am trying to cuddle on him.

We even have our own dorky term for cuddle time. We need to absorb "cuddle units". This comes from playing Sims and the needs bar getting filled up when certain needs were met. Because cuddling is a NEED.

In the past 4+ years, Sir has definitely embraced my need for cuddling, though. I daresay he may even love it! It has gotten to the point that if we are hanging out on the couch, and my feet and legs are NOT on him, he starts to wonder what is wrong.
I heard on the radio recently that cuddling is good for you (well of COURSE it is!) so I dug up this article:

10 Incredible Facts About Cuddling

Also, this:

Cuddle Like You Mean It

All joking aside, this just adds even more fuel for reasons why we should cuddle.

Number one reason: Because, cuddles.


  1. We are both cuddlers. It is sooo nice. On the couch, if I'm not on him, he'll say "get over here and cuddle" or just wave his hand for me to come closer. On the bed, it is spooning morning and night, otherwise known as "cuddly cunt position 2".

    1. Haha, I love that you also have your own terminology for it!

  2. Lux and I are both cuddlers. We almost always have some sort of physical contact going, and are often just snuggled up with each other. Even when he is being hurting me, he enjoys when I snuggle with him, so we both know things are calm and happy.
    When we sleep, I tend to be the more snuggly one. He often overheats, and will complain the me in the morning that I kept trying to snuggle and in his attempts to move away chased him off the bed. At least now he knows that when I'm asleep, he can literally throw me onto my side of the bed again and I won't wake up.

    1. Sir is always warm at night. In the winter this is a plus - I have my own personal space heater!


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