Friday, May 22, 2015

No Shirt, No Service

A few days ago, Sir switched up the rules. We've been doing this thing where I only have 5 rules at a time. Sometimes, they stay and I get new ones in their place. Goodbye to the rules that weren't working for us. Sometimes, they stay and become part of us, and I get a new addition while still keeping the old rule.

Gone are the masturbate 3x a week rule, and the offer Sir fellatio nightly rule. I'm not exactly sure why. I think Sir didn't like refusing me, or holding me to it? As far as masturbating - thank heavens I will be off this medication in 2.5 months. It has killed my libido and even getting myself off is a chore. Hopefully when this medication is over my libido will return. It's not totally gone, but it needs a lot of coaxing and persuasion for it to come out. I'm scared that it won't come back once I'm off this medication. That somehow I'll be stuck trying to get interested. That even if my mind is ready my body couldn't give two fucks. I think Sir has seen my struggle and possibly didn't want to "rub it in my face" when the purpose of the rule was to keep me interested, perhaps.

I'm still maintaining the house, making lunches, adhering to my diet/exercise routine, and wearing my collar. A new addition is that I am to include "Sir" when addressing Sir in every sentence, either before or after the sentence. This will be hard. Hard to remember each time, and hard to watch myself in public once achieved. I think it will be difficult for Sir to police as well. I am also to welcome Sir home if he comes in and I am already home, or let him know I am home if I arrive after him. "Welcome Home, Sir." or "I'm home, Sir".

Secondly, I am not to wear anything (other than my collar) from the waist up when in the house. I think this may be easier to implement and enforce than the other rule, but I like it much less. Sitting here in my pajama pants only, I feel very exposed, and ...floppy. I'm also cold. I want to cover up, just for warmth and comfort. Maybe a blanket wouldn't get me in trouble? I always have blankets - even in the summer.


  1. I have just come upon your blog. I have read the last 30 or so. I just wanted to say you write very well and i have enjoyed and related to your words. Sent as anon for now till I work out how to set up my own. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll look forward to checking out your blog once it is set up!

    2. Hi lea, im anon. I've set up an account. I hope it's ok to follow you. :)

    3. Absolutely! I added you to my blog list too (have to catch up on reading!)

  2. Just found your blog too. Great writing, will be catching up with more of your posts very soon xx


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