Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sir's Scent

I am a very scent-oriented person. I just like to smell things. I love to use Febreze. Sir says I should buy stock in the company. I adore the aroma of delicious food permeating through the house. I love the smells of clean laundry- I just want to curl up in it sometimes. I love the smell of books - there's so much history in that smell. It's why I can't get rid of them even though I have TWO e-readers now.
The smell of leather. The scent of my collar as I place it on each day when I walk in the door. The smell of the leather cuffs as they go on. The soul-cleaning smell of the wind on a beautiful day walking outside. The lovely grass-gasoline smell following a freshly cut lawn. I am just constantly smelling the world.

The number one thing I smell, though, is actually Sir. I think this was weird for Sir at first. I am not really... subtle about it. When we're hugging, I'll just take a deep breath and just breathe him all in. Or just bury my face into the crook of his shoulder and inhale. I just love the way Sir smells. It makes me feel warm inside to be close to him. wrapped in his scent. Even when he's got a little bit of man-smell on him from the day, I just love it.

Besides the warm and happy feelings that wash over me from his scent, there's been studies on this sort of thing. Women find partners more attractive, scent wise, based on immunological compatibility. So, I suppose that if Sir and I were to have kids one day, they'd have a good chance at fighting off infections!


  1. lol Im obsessed with Febreze, but it just works so well, and smells lovely, but other than that i prefer natural smells, walking through the woods, flowers where they should be..not in a vase.

    1. Haha, Sir says that I should have bought stock in Febreze, I'd be rich just from how much *I* buy it.

      That said, I so agree. We went on a walk today, and there is spicebush growing in the neighborhood. So lovely!


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