Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Collar in Public

Last night, a friend of mine from New Jersey was in town on vacation with her family seeing the local sights around here and visiting the amusement park. She wanted to meet up so we might see each other.

After a few failed attempts to coordinate, she let me know that her family was back at the hotel and her kiddos were about to go to bed, and she could slip out for a bit to chat.

I pretty much ran out the door and jumped in the car to meet her. Turns out, her kiddos wouldn't go to sleep so we hung out with them and her husband just walking around their hotel, and burning off some of the kid's energy. About 15 minutes into this visit, I feel my collar pull away from and hit my neck.

My collar.


Which I had been wearing the entire time.

Since Sir has had me switch to the smaller more comfortable collar, it does feel more natural to wear. So natural in fact, that I forget I am wearing it. In a way that is good - it should be natural and feel like it belongs at my neck. But I suppose it's bad if I forget to take it off. One of my fears has been forgetting to remove it and showing up at work with it on.

Luckily, they didn't notice. Or if they did, they said nothing. Once I realized, I  surreptitiously pulled my shirt over it to hide it, but I was very very aware of it from that moment on.

I'm not sure if they actually didn't notice, or didn't want to ask. I'm hoping its the former. I have a hard time believing it wasn't noticed though. They are the epitome of a vanilla couple, but with pop culture  being exposed to kink, I feel like they must have some knowledge of these things.

No use dwelling on it any longer though. Hopefully this will teach me to be more careful in the future!


  1. Well i can tell you, that won't be the last time you do that! It's a good thing that you're so comfortable in it that it took that long to feel it but i know that sinking feeling all too well. i used to wear that tiny sleeping collar and one night Master and i slept over at my Mom's and i wore it upstairs to breakfast. my Grandma said "Oh what a cute little necklace". That wasn't the first, the last or the 10th time i'd done that! haha! If you look around though, people wear leather, velvet, chain, all sorts of chokers all the time so it's almost impossible to tell anymore what's an actual collar and what is for decoration. Unless they are truly informed, you're most likely in the clear. =)

    1. Sir said something similar - to other people, something like that is just a necklace!

      If I had been wearing the big collar, I think there'd be no getting around it.


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