Monday, July 25, 2016

Close that Damn Drawer!

I am cautiously optimistic that I may be starting to feel better. I went to another dentist today to get a second opinion. Funnily enough, he agreed with my first dentist and said unfortunately, it is just going to take time for the antibiotic to kick in. But at least I know the tooth won't need to be pulled and that the root canal looks okay. I'm just alarmed by how painful it is. He said there was an abscess  under the root and now that the infection was exposed to oxygen, it was multiplying and causing that painful pressure. The other canal *was* overfilled, he agreed, but that shouldn't be causing the pain.

The pain was pretty intense all day. Only now does it seem that the medication is starting to have an effect. I hope it continues this trend. I have to say, Sir has been absolutely wonderful. He cancelled his weekend plans, called my family and just took care of me, even if that meant rubbing my back while I cried, or letting me drool on him while I "slept" (I regret the drooling part; I definitely wasn't trying to!). He sure is a keeper.

Sir told me today that he is going to have to enact a new rule soon. Apparently, I don't close drawers. Or doors. And it drives him crazy. I know I have that habit, especially when I'm in a rush. I guess it is something I am going to have to work on.


  1. Having teeth problems really bites! :P lol! I had to do it.

    You sure do have a keeper!!

    Daddy hates it when I leave the kitchen cabinet doors open. We have one over the sink that is just the right height to hit his head, ironically that's the one I always left open. (Oops!) Now the kids have started to leave them open, but I've gotten to the point that I close them without thinking about it so no harm, no foul. Thankfully, he hasn't hit his head in awhile!

    1. I fall more and more in love with him.

      Sir hits his head on the kitchen cabinet too, if I leave it open. :/

  2. Aha I feel you, mine is leaving empty wrappers or packaging in the cuboards!


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