Monday, July 04, 2016

When Fun Just Happens

Life has been pretty hectic lately for me and Sir. We've gotten some bad news and have a host of decisions to make regarding our future.

But its always good to know that we are us, and we'll do our best to get through this together. I can't really do much at the moment, but be supportive and give him time to think. Sometimes just being together, and having fun is what you need to stay connected and keep motivated.

The other night Sir decided to play a game with me. It was sort of spontaneous and we both made up and learned the rules as we went. He started lightly tickling me, over my clothes. I'd wiggle and squirm. Eventually he stripped me bare and he'd tickle me along my butt, legs, knees, and feet. Any movement or clenching from the waist down elicited a hard smack to my ass. He just kept this going, upping what movement would earn a smack, to the tiniest twitch, and how hard/many he'd strike.

All in all, I like this game! I think what I enjoyed about it was how it organically evolved. He and I didn't exchange words to play. He just started smacking when I twitched and it went from there. Love that subtle exchange of power and the sensations.

I hope we play again!


  1. Hi Lea, I'm so sorry you received bad news. Sending positive thoughts that things work out in the best possible way for you both.

    I love the game you and your Sir played, we have played similar games :)


  2. Sorry to hear you have recieved bad news. I'm sure you can work it out
    Play is a great stress reliever ;)

  3. Sorry to hear you got some bad news, but glad to see you guys happy playing the game. LOL I've got to hide this idea from Q, it's right up his alley.


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