Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kneeling as a Greeting and Corner Time

One of my tasks last week was to obtain all the power strips we'd need for the house and install them. I had two unused ones in a box, which I installed, and I purchased three more. I came back and plugged them into all the outlets that would make the most sense, use-wise.

I felt like I did a good job, and that Sir would approve.

My other task for the day was to be waiting for him, kneeling near the front door for his arrival.

That was definitely an experience. I didn't know exactly what time he would be coming home, so every time I heard a car come down our street I got excited. Around the time he normally comes home, I arranged myself by the door, kneeling for him. About 15 minutes later, he texts me to let me know that he hasn't left work yet. He didn't state that I had to continue kneeling so I took a break.

That quiet time sitting there kneeling really put me in a good headspace. It was soothing and contemplative. My thoughts were focused on Sir and how to be pleasing for him. Where and how to arrange my hands. How to splay my legs. The arrangement of my face and eyes downward.

It was thrilling to try and time his arrival back with my kneeling. Every time I thought it was him sent a jolt of electricity through me as I rushed to kneel at the door. I saw what I thought was his car pull up, and rushed to kneel and arrange myself. After 5 minutes, I was wondering what was taking so long... if he was okay. I got up to check the window, and the car wasn't his! Then I see his actual car pull up, and I again rush to display myself appropriately. I could feel my heart fluttering in my chest as he turned the lock in our door. It was interesting to only see his dress shoes and slacks walk right by me into the kitchen. I was expecting to be addressed immediately, but I think it was good that he did not. It gave me a moment to refocus myself and not wait for praise. To focus on the submissive act of kneeling. He came towards me and had me rise.

Then he wanted to know how I did on the other task of the day. He made an event of having me show him every power strip that I had installed for him, and what was plugged into each. I had strips for each side of our bed, with our lamps and chargers etc in them. I had one under my desk for the laptop etc. He already had one for his computer equipment. I put one in the kitchen for the microwave and countertop appliances. Another in the living room near the couch for where we will eventually have end tables and lamps. And finally, one near our electronics. I had plugged in the cable modem and router, as they were already plugged into the wall.


I forgot to plug in the TV and the X-Box! So, it wasn't a proper and full installation, according to Sir.

I tried to wheedle my way out of trouble.

"But, I only plugged in the router and modem because the TV and X-box weren't being used."

"But, the note says that: today I will... today is not over yet!"

Sir wasn't having any of that. He grabbed my by the collar and dragged me into the bedroom. He placed me facing the wall just behind the door, where I had to remain for ten minutes (5 minutes for each of the items that were missing from being installed).

Ten minutes is not a lot of corner time; he was being lenient. And I haven't been actually punished for anything in ages.

But, he and I were both still reveling in it. He likes to do things just to be evil sometimes. I'm half wondering if he was just going to find something wrong with my installation just so he could remind me of my place.

It was hard to keep my focus during the ten minutes; usually when I fail at a task I feel truly contrite and think of how to be better in the future. But because he specifically said he just wanted to be evil, it was a bit harder.

Though I don't enjoy corner time, I think it was a good decision overall, just to remind me whose submissive bitch I am!


  1. How come some girls enjoy giving the kneeling punishment to their guys? Ive seen women make their guys kneel on rice, etc?

    1. I'm not sure. You should probably ask a Domme. I would be the one kneeling in the rice myself for our dynamic.

    2. My ex-girlfriend punished me with kneeling on rice in a corner. Its a power thing. She use to enjoy being the boss.

    3. Oh yes Lea. Its a power thing with a woman. My ex girlfriend who was 5 years older than me use to give me the kneeling punishment on rice if misbehaved around her. Feel free to comment back.

    4. I get that its a power thing, but I guess what I was saying that is in my relationship, the power is with him, not me. So being asked why some women like to do that is a bit baffling to me. I guess it is the same for either a man or a woman - people who enjoy power and control, who may have a bit of sadism would enjoy the rice punishment.

    5. Also, It is a bit presumptuous to tell me, the owner of this blog, that I can feel free to comment back. As it is my blog, I will comment as I see fit - you do not get to give me permission, so to speak, to reply. Perhaps that wasn't your intention, but it is how that came out.

    6. Im sorry I didn't mean to offend you Lea.

    7. I didn't think you meant it on purpose. We all say things and are sometimes unaware of how they are perceived. I do it often as well!

    8. Oh thanks Lea!! Im sorry for the misunderstanding.


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