Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back in my Place

Sometimes I wonder if I should keep my mouth shut...probably not though.

Sir read my blog yesterday and decided that even though I put my collar back on, I still forgot even for a just little while, so out came the big collar. I call it the giant monster collar, but it's not that huge. And it's not that bad... it's just uncomfortable to sleep in.

He was nice in that he said that because I remembered and tried to do the right thing, he wouldn't make me sleep with it. I was grateful for that. I still reveled in calling him a big evil meanie, though I think he likes that.

From the moment he walked in the door yesterday, Sir says he was working on me. And that's true. The minute he walked in, he grabbed me out of the chair by my shirt and pulled me to him, claiming my mouth. He held me there for a long time, and I was enjoying knowing that the kiss would end when he decided it would, not when I pull away. He just tightened his hold on me.

He was disappointed a little bit in me because I was admittedly very lazy. I didn't do anything around the house. I was still in PJs when he got home. I don't know what that was about.

After I made dinner he handcuffed me to my computer desk! I think he now loves the bars that are all along this desk!

After a while, he undid the cuffs, grabbed me by the collar and dragged me into the bedroom.He redid the cuffs behind my back, pushed me onto the bed and got "the bag". The bag where we keep all our fun stuff. He pulled literally everything out of the bag, Flinging it on the bed, making comments about their uses. He seemed... more stern than normal.

When he got to the blindfold, that went over my eyes. We don't usually use it. I could hear him still going through the bag, sorting items, throwing them on the bed. I felt something graze my nipple, a clamp was my guess. Without further warning it went on.

God. Apparently it was a lot for me to take, not being warmed up, or maybe I am just extra sensitive this week (PMS week). It HURT. I screamed, and started crying. I thought Sir was just going to leave me there like that, and I wouldn't have minded. It hurt, and I was crying, but I was otherwise okay. I was wondering how long it would take for the pain to fade when I felt relief and his warm hands around me, holding me while I cried.

Sir was surprised by my reaction and said that I've never screamed like that, even when he's been beating me. and he says that he's used that clamp before... go figure. I guess I should be happy that his first instinct is my well being and to soothe. And I am happy that I have a gentle Sir. I suppose I just wanted him to know that if it was his prerogative for me to take it, I would have; that he didn't have to worry that it was harming me too much.

Sir tied my hands behind my back, and then took the handcuffs off. He said that he liked the handcuffs because they keep my hands exactly where he wants them when he's tying behind my back. I felt him go for my nipples again, and there was pressure, but compared to the other clamp, it was like a kiss of pressure. He had used two chopsticks bound on either side with clothespins.

He dragged me into the office then, and had me kneel at his side while he sat by the computer. He removed my blindfold and I sat receiving head scratches as he brought up video clips for us to watch. I've expressed an interest in the past on what types of porn he likes, so he decided for us to watch some together. It's hard to keep myself from commenting on weird caveman like faces and grunting, but I liked the experience. After a while, Sir dragged me back to the bedroom. By this point, my shoulders and upper arms were aching. Sir could tell, because I was wiggling a lot. He asked me what incentive he should have that he should untie my hands. I gave several answers before he accepted "You could use the chain to bind my hands to my collar, if my hands weren't behind my back.... and I could clean the bed instead of you!". He rejected my putting my hands on him, because apparently I can do that with them behind my back (which he proved), and giving him a massage because he wasn't interested, and a few other things that I forget. He generously undid the rope, and let me clean the bed, smacking my ass when I wasn't fast enough.

When I was done, he asked me if I was sure. He had such a tone. I thought he had deviously hid something extra in the bed and that I was going to get in trouble if I didn't find it and clean it. I tore that bed apart two times before I said that I thought it was clean. I was right; he didn't hide anything, he was just screwing with me! Evil Sir.

Sir took the spreader bars out and placed them on the bed. The feeling of glee I got inside was just unsurpressable... I think I went into subspace right then. I *really* like the spreader bars. Sir said I kept calling them my friends. I think I knew I was getting spacy when the patterns on the ceiling became very interesting. Sir attached a smaller bar to my collar, and then chained my hands to the bottom of the bar. He took the biggest bar and chained my legs to each one. There's something about being so open that puts me in the right headspace. I feel very vulnerable being exposed, and have insecurities about being spread like that. It gives me anxiety and a bit of embarrassment. Somehow my head translates that into sexy fun times. I was wondering if Sir was going to reclamp my nipples now that I was in better head space, but he did not. I wonder if it would have felt different; if I could take it now.

Sir did a number on my nipples with his mouth, and after deciding I'd had enough, he took me. It was just... amazing. I couldn't get enough, and Sir says he knows when I am really into it because I get mega vocal and squirmy and my hands typically fly to my face. I guess hes right. Everything just felt amped up, and it was a long time before I felt like I could physically move. Sir had me cuddle by him, still bound. It was funny trying to turn over with the bar splaying my legs.

This morning, I woke up and Sir left me another note on the kitchen table! The joy and excitement seeing that note on the table... I just wanted to jump up and down with happy. Between yesterday and today, he's really given me some motivation to get my ass moving. I have about two hours before I leave for the doctor, so I better get cracking on his list!


  1. oh gosh, im a terrible wimp when its PMS weak...doesnt deter him though lol

    OOh i love the idea of being handcuffed to the computer table...not likely to happen though...he thinks i spend too much time on it as it is!

    If it helps, and you dont mind me saying, give yourself daily goals in respect of doing things around the house, on completion on one goal, give yourself a reward....maybe half hour on the pc, or reading a book...well anything you enjoy that your allowed to.


    1. I never thought I was a wimp because of pre-menses, but apparently I am!

      I think I spend too much time here too. I suppose he could cuff me with some specific tasks though.

      I don't mind you saying so at all!

      I am trying to do that. Saying I will. unpack THIS box, or just apply for ONE job today, etc.

      Sir has been leaving me a list of things to do, and that is really motivating. I want to make him happy so those things tend to get done.

      I think the PC thing might work, hopefully to restrict its use. But I have to stick to it. I start off with, I'll be here for a half hour, then 1.5 hours goes by!


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