Thursday, September 04, 2014


It's official - Sir and I are now living together, full time. We got the keys to our new place on Tuesday. I was sort of freaking out about everything at first-especially as time wound down until "the day". I felt like I was doing everything for this move, and Sir really... wasn't. I was in a bit of a confusion on that - on where that sort of line in our D/s is going to be. I know that I am more comfortable doing these sorts of things than Sir is (researching apartments, setting up viewings, packing things and knowing what to pack to run a household), and so I was doing them. But I just felt... overwhelmed. I felt like I was pulling ALL the weight, and this is a move to another state, 3 hours away from our families, and our former lives. I am giving up a lot for this. Career, friends, family, home... but I think Sir is worth it (or obviously I wouldn't be doing it). On the other hand, as a submissive, isn't this what I should be doing? Getting things ready so that things are easier on Sir?

I think the distinction in this case was that Sir never gave me any instructions to do this for him. It was something that was just assumed that I would do. And I suppose that is okay - because the assumption was correct. I guess that I just didn't want to see our household becoming something where I do ALL the work. I know that in our relationship certain things are set up so that they ARE 'my job'. But even I can't do everything, and I didn't want to cause a situation where I would eventually become resentful.

I think most of this is just my insides screaming in worry because this is a big step for us. A HUGE step. And its in the right direction, but that doesn't make it any less scary.

Sir is already taking measures to alleviate my fears though, and he wants to "prove himself to me". I guess prove that this is the right choice? The first morning I woke in our new apartment (Sir had already left early for his new position, I came out to see this on our kitchen table:

A close-up of the note:

Bitch. Most girls would get tense at that, but I just melt. As long as it is coming from him. I DID pack my comfy collar, by the way - he just couldn't find it in our just-moved chaos. So I wore that for him all day. Being that we have no blinds or curtains except in the bedroom, it was difficult for me, as people could see me in the window and they WERE staring. But screw them I guess. The benefit of being 3 hours from family and friends, is there is no one to "tattle" on the freaky folks who just moved in!

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  1. I have just come across your blog, congratulations on becoming 24/7, love the a bunch of roses anyday lol


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