Monday, September 15, 2014

Living Together

The biggest thing I have to get used to so far is wearing my favorite collar everyday, unless I go out in public. It is getting easier, and it feels more comfortable. Yesterday, Sir let us go for a walk in the park (I am annoyingly in love with nature and parks and walking). It was nice, and he actually insisted we go.

"Bitch, get dressed, we're going to the park!"

This was after I said, "You want to go to the park now? I just put my PJ's back on! *whine*"

I actually wore my collar out to the park (though you couldn't see it, *I* knew it was there).

A couple of days ago, I got home and forgot to put the collar on for like 20 minutes. Sir made me wear the giant monster collar for the rest of the night as a reminder. If I forget again, I'll have to sleep with it. : /

Today, I woke up and he left me a note with instructions to get all the power strips hooked up in the house, and purchase more if we need them. And that I will be kneeling, waiting for him near the front door upon his arrival.


I love notes like that. I like having instructions for the day, especially because I'm home alllll day (I'm avidly looking for jobs, but currently unemployed).

It gives me a purpose and some direction for the day, and refocuses my attention on doing things with him in mind.

And with that, I'm off on my power-strip assignment!

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