Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love Notes

This week, Sir has left me a little note on our dining table every morning.

They begin with the salutation, "Bitch,".

Then he lists a few tasks that I should complete (usually before he gets home).

Yesterday my note included "Good luck on your interview. [That is an order. :)]"   ^_^

I find that I am really enjoying these notes. No, they're not the "typical" notes, but with each one, I feel purpose and love. Even if it's just a few simple tasks that I can do for him to make his day easier, I feel active in my submission, thinking about pleasing him with the tasks, even if it is, "Get milk" or "WD-40 all the doors in the house so they don't squeak". (...So he can sneak up on me?)

I think about how he sits there each morning thinking about what tasks he would like me to complete for him. With the note, I know he is thinking about me and my submissive need to serve him, and in that, I feel love.

Much better than a sonnet for me any day!

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