Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Morning's Wake-Up Call.

Sir and I get up each morning eye-stabbingly early. For us, that is 5:30 am. For me, it is because of my long-ass commute so I can be on time for work at 8 am. For him, he starts earlier than me. But it is nice to wake up together. And I certainly appreciate those times where I get to sleep in!

This morning, Sir decided to get me up a little differently. He woke me up by spanking my ass.

I like spankings and beatings. But we don't usually do anything other than groan, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day on workday mornings. It was pleasant to have that reminder, during the mundane parts of our lives, that I am still his.

Sir has generally been more demanding lately, in a good way. Even just little things like this evening.

"Bitch. You will get up and retrieve my books and study papers. Then, you will make me a bowl of ice cream. Then, you will get the laundry downstairs. After that is done, you may play Minecraft before you pack and make lunches for tomorrow."

I like the specific instructions, I like the spanking... I like that I feel like we're connecting more in the D/s sense.


  1. There must be something in the air cos BIKSS has been in a take charge mode recently too! Glad you had a lovely time waking up :)

  2. Hi Lea, sounds like a wonderful start to the day. Love specific instructions too :)


  3. Ah how excellent! Happy for you Lea!


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