Sunday, July 24, 2016

Teeth : (

Air-conditioning has been a godsend, not only for me coming home as one giant sweat gland, but also for sexytime.

In other news, my teeth suck, and are acting up again. I had two- TWO root canals on Friday. One of them is fine. The other one is just agonizing, and my dental practice doesn't seem to care about the level of pain that I am in. I've had root canals before. I know there's some discomfort, but I am literally curled up into a ball crying my eyes out from the pain. It is alarming to Sir. My job sent me home today, since I was just useless. I've called the dentist twice yesterday. I tried calling again this morning (no one picked up). Since I left work early, I showed up in their office. They took an x-ray, poked the tooth (which caused me to scream and jump) and then gave me a prescription for a higher form of antibiotic. That will take at least a day to work and reduce the pain, if at all. I also saw my X-ray and it is clear that they overfilled the root canal and the gutta percha (the stuff the put into the canal) is actually leaking outside of the bottom of my root. This is what I believe is causing the pain, but they're saying its an infection, hence the increased antibiotics.

For the two root canals on Friday, they gave me Motrin. Motrin! Which didn't do much. When I called to tell them this, they gave me Tylenol-3. The Motrin does better for me than that stuff. I am starting to reach the end of my rope with this pain. I am not a pain wimp as Sir can attest to, so me having such a negative reaction is honestly scaring him. He's used to me just sucking it up and going about my day. I am trying to reign it in since I don't want to worry him, but sometimes it is just difficult.

At work this morning, I was having a full-on cry fest (while trying not to) until someone else came into the office. Even then, it was difficult to hold it in. Luckily my coworkers are awesome and got coverage for me so I could go home/see the dentist.

I'm about to take my last medicine dose of the night. Praying this starts working and that I see some relief soon.


  1. Oh you poor girl Leah. Dentists suck and not caring about your pain level is disgusting. Hope it settles down for you soon. Sending positive healing vibes your way.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thanks! It was awful for a few days but I'm on the mend now!


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