Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Doing it for Him

Do you ever find that you're much more motivated to do something simply because your Dom told you to do it?

The other morning, Sir went to work. Before he went he told me to do two things: Do a load of dishes, and put away some knick knacks that I got in North Carolina. I told him of course, and that I had planned on doing these things anyway.

Well, 6:20 pm  rolls around and I realize that I have not yet done either of these things. Typically if Sir tells me to do something during the day, he means "before he gets home from work", which is around 8:30 pm. If it weren't for Sir telling me to do them, I'm pretty sure I would have let those two tasks slide in favor of being a couch potato. But I had a moment of mini-panic and a lot of motivation to get my butt off the couch, and handle them. Does that feeling ever happen to you?

I was thinking of how disappointed Sir would be if he came home and they weren't done. And how I literally have no excuse today. So I got up and did them. It didn't take a lot of time, and the house of course looks better for it. And once you start doing one little thing, if you're like me, you end up doing a lot of other little things.

All because he asked me to do two simple things! I suppose this is one way that he is my motivation.


  1. Hey Lea,
    Yes, I can relate! It's so much easier to get things done when the Dom expects it!!

  2. I have a chore list several days of the week. It isn't because I can't do it, lol, but his simple way of exercising control when he's not home. Most things I was going to do anyway....BUT I find when he says he wants them done, it adds a little pep in my step (okay slight exaggeration there when it comes to dusting light bulbs and door frames!). It does two things though, one makes me happy that I am doing something he sincerely wants done, and two sort of gives me a purpose to cleaning it/ organizing/researching.

    Yes, I do get a little jumpy if I realize I haven't done what he has asked. I don't always get punished for uncompleted tasks, but I said I would and he took the time to tell me so I don't want to not do it. Though sometimes I really do NOT want to do it! lol


  3. Hi Lea,

    Oh yes, I can relate also. Nothing like a 'request' to give you added motivation. Even though we don't practice ttwd nowdays I still want to do things to please Rick and on the rare occasions he may ask it still gives me that added motivation.


  4. Lynne: I'm glad it relates for someone else too! I always end up feeling connected to the larger community when that happens.

    Willie: I love the idea of that chore list. Sir used to leave me little notes with things to do for the day; I really liked that. I know he's thinking of us then. Sometimes our own inner dialogue is a punishment in and of itself when we don't complete a task!

    Roz: Even if you're not actively doing ttwd right now... I think there is a certain pleasure in doing something just to make your partner happy. It pleases me to please him, most of the time, submission or no!

  5. The Duke doesn't tell me often things to do, but I love when he does. And it does help get me motived to do more too. :) It's like we start and then can't stop. lol

    1. That's exactly how I feel too, EsMay! Sir doesn't usually give me tasks everyday, but I really LOVE it when he does. Once you start being productive, you notice other little things. At least I do, Sir tends to not be like that.

  6. Things are a bit different here, but i understand the sentiment completely :)


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