Monday, February 05, 2018

Welcome Home, Bitch

I'm so glad to be home. I miss my friends, but it is comforting to sleep in your own bed, adhere to your own routine. And be able to hug Sir as much as I want.

Last Monday, I got home late and there wasn't as much time to reconnect as I would have liked. Sir said I needed a spanking, but there wasn't much time. At work on Tuesday, Sir sent me texts throughout the day. He was having a rough day.

I wanted to cheer him up. So I cleaned, cooked dinner, showered, and put on a nightie for his arrival home. I covered it up with my ultra-sexy, fuzzy green Legend of Zelda robe, being super discreet as I am.

He came home. We had dinner. He definitely missed having home cooked meals for the past ten days. I asked him what his plans for the rest of the evening were. He said he was thinking about going to bed early.

I asked him if I could be cruel. He gave me a look but no answer. So I stood up, took off my robe and got on the couch in what I hoped was an appealing manner.

My collar is off since my hair was drying.

"If this is your definition of cruel, I'll have to educate you sometime."

He didn't go to bed early.

He had me stay there, enjoying the view. I was enjoying him too. I had nothing else on under the nightie, so with it scrunched up, my cunt was all exposed. I have some issues with that. Feelings of embarrassment about it. But probably because of that, having it exposed, knowing he could inspect it at any time, knowing that it was out there on display... it is somehow a turn on for me.

Then we remembered that my garter belt had come in. I grabbed the only pair of thigh highs we own, and Sir helped me to put it on. It came with a thong, which I got on, and then Sir latched each eyehook at the back. It was very sensual feeling, his hands sliding along the mesh, along my ass. Attaching the fasteners to my socks, the feeling of his hands grazing my inner thighs.

I danced for him, just fun happy dancing, not meant to be innately sexual. Testing the garter belt and how it would hold. I didn't realize it at first, but he took photos. Took video. And he enjoyed the view of things in motion: my breasts jiggling, the garter straps straining, my ass shaking for him.

He grabbed me by the hair, spun me around, and held me there, kissing me deeply, as my legs started to feel like noodles. He is good at that; kissing. Makes me melt.

He dragged me by my hair to the bedroom, and pulled down on my nightie, exposing my breasts. He slapped them roughly, before pushing me down on the bed.

"That thong has to come off, but I'm not undoing the garter." He grabbed the nearest sharp tool; a small pair of pliers, and unceremoniously cut them from me. I found myself wishing for a bigger tool, the desire to feel the blade against my skin was strong. Perhaps I am developing a knife play fetish.

Once they were off, he grabbed both my legs, and spun them around to flip me over.

He struck my ass, using his hand. There was no warm up; he was going pretty hard right from the start. The mesh garter fabric wasn't much protection. Abruptly, I felt cold hard metal. He had grabbed the ball-chain flogger, using it fast against my bottom. I squirmed and writhed, but tried my best to stay in position.

"Why is everything, ready?!" I exclaimed.

"I promised you a spanking yesterday, didn't I?" He replied.

I suppose he wasn't the only one with plans. Me with the nightie, him with his implements deceptively laid out for later use.

Then I felt a tickle along my back. He had grabbed the barbecue baster, one of our pervertibles. Then it too contributed to the reddening of my ass. Finally he grabbed the leather flogger. The one with the beautiful metal handle.  For once, that cold metal on my ass didn't have me wiggle. It felt amazing against the heat of my ass. Then it contributed more to that heat.

Sir got me up suddenly to stand as he laid down on the bed. He gave me an expectant look. I knew what he wanted. From the bottom of the bed I crawled up the length of his legs, and took his cock in my mouth. It had been such a long time. I stayed over him, sucking and licking, my re-exposed cunt in the air. And just as before, its exposure was getting me hot.

Sir said that if I could position my vibe without needing my hands, I could use it while sucking him. I suppose I was motivated, because I was successful. Before I could finish, he pulled me off his cock, and had me lay down next to him. He pulled and tweaked at my nipples until I was finally able to finish. Those pinpricks of pain, the twisting, it all heightened the experience.

"I'm going to fuck you now. Get on the floor. On your knees."

"The floor, Sir?"

"Yes, the floor. The laundry was just done and I'm not remaking this bed."

Nice to see the pragmatic side of him. Sir was kind enough to let me have a pillow for my knees, or else I don't know if they would have survived the onslaught.

It was fucking delicious. Feeling nearly fully dressed, breasts spilling from my nightie, garter belt and thigh highs still on, collar jingling, on all fours as Sir pounded into me from behind, pulling my hair, grabbing at my hips. We made quite the mess.

He allowed me to clean myself up, then pulled me by the hair, throwing me down on the bed again.

"Where do you think you're going? We're not done!" Sir growled.

"Welcome home, bitch."


  1. Wow, that was some homecoming! Welcome home Lea :)


  2. You cracked me up with his "pragmatic" side. Eric has that too. We will be in the absolute throws of passion and he'll suddenly check to make sure the downstairs lights are off. LOL Welcome home. Have a great week!

  3. Woot that sounded hot and fun and exciting and sensual all rolled into one! Welcome home!!

  4. Wow how hot!
    I'm so happy that your dynamic is getting back on track. So happy for you ☺️

  5. Roz, Thank you. It's good to be home!

    Ancilla_ksst: it was so fun. I'm definitely hoping for more now that I'm back!

    Amy. I was laughing too. On the floor not because it's hotter... he just doesn't want more laundry to do!

    Bleue: Now I feel like Dorothy!

    Fondles, thank you. It was a great evening!

    Daisy, thank you! I am so happy we seem to be getting back on as well. I was kind of afraid it wouldn't happen again!

  6. I loved his "pragmatic" side comment as well! Wish my Dom had one of those, lol!


    1. I laugh when he makes comments like that, Jlynne. It's amusing. Though those pragmatic moments always come out at just the oddest times!


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