Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dress Code Changes

On our Anniversary, Sir brought out a typed document.

In it he had listed some changes to my dress code, and to my collar rules.

Currently, my dress code states that I am to wear a dress or a skirt at all times (if I am dressed for the day, and not in my work uniform, which its own thing). In colder weather, I may wear leggings underneath my dress or skirt. In hot weather, I wear nothing except panties underneath. For working out, I have some workout skirts, and a couple of skorts.  For sleep/in the house, I can have lounge or pajama pants. There was a brief time where I was not allowed a top, but for the winter I am. We'll see if the no top rule comes back when the warmth does.

Sir has taken away leggings. It isn't immediate, but more "as we get the right items".

Sir would like me to wear thigh high socks/stockings/tights under my skirts when it is cold. If it is a bit warmer, then knee-highs.When it's hot, none. The knee-highs are fine. And Sir knows, I LOVE socks.

But the thigh highs! My main issue with thigh-highs is that they NEVER seem to stay the hell up. I guess because I have thick thighs. Slouchy socks, or rolling down socks are a huge pet peeve of mine. It drives me crazy in my own skin. And if the thigh highs are rolling down, well then they're not really going to be thigh high, right? So as we were talking, a garter belt got added to the list. If they wont stay up, then we need to make them stay up, right?

I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I'm excited. Anything new seems to excite me a little. And it is another way to show my submission to him. On the other hand... I have some really pretty leggings. I'll be sad to lose them.

I went online and got a really inexpensive pair of thigh highs to try out. And a garter belt. I've never worn one, so I don't know how that's going to go. Or if it will fit. But it is a step in the right direction.

I also need some longer skirts for winter, if leggings are out. Sir said I can keep a couple of pairs of leggings to wear under my uniform, because of winter. But the rest have to go. As I get more appropriate stockings, I guess I can give my leggings away or donate them, bit by bit.

I'm just not sure how they're going to feel. Or if it will be warm enough. Or how the whole garter belt thing is going to go.

I guess I'll find out!


  1. I know what you mean Lea. When Sir adds new rules part of me is excited and the other half isn't sure depending on what it is.
    Good luck with the thigh highs, I love knee highs too! I wear a garter belt with my harness but we found it takes a long time to attach the stocking. I hope you have more luck!

    1. The knee highs usually aren't so bad. But I have thicker thighs. The "over the knee" socks I just got, BARELY go over my knee! I hope the garter isn't a pain; this is going to be an everyday thing, for months!

  2. I live the look of garters. Perhaps look out for garter style pantyhose. They stay up like pantyhose but with cut out portions to make it look like garter and stockings. I had a few pairs once. They're a good compromuse for people who cant seem to keep stockings up! (Like me). I'll see if i can find a link


    2. Those seem like they'd stay up, and are quite sexy! The waists are just a tad too small for me though. Can't imagine it'd be warm for the winter. I like the idea of them, especially for the Spring! Thanks!

  3. This is doable but yes, finding the type that will work for you might take some trial and error.

  4. Hi i tried to comment the other day and had a rough time with my profile. i lost my entire comment so i'll give it another try. As you know this is my thing so i thought i'd give you a shout. If you want to try some cheap stay ups, Wal Mart sells a 3 pack for about $5. i rarely wear stay ups, but when i do, these are my "go to" simply because they are inexpensive and i don't worry about running them. So here's the thing about stay ups, you're right, they are a pain to keep up. They're usually good for about one wear and then they don't want to stay up anymore but you should be able to get that one good wear out of them. Once you put them on that first time don't mess with them. They will get a good stick, leave them alone, unless they are truly falling. If they are falling, you can wet them a tiny bit and the sticky stuff might re-stick itself. It's worked a few times for me.

    i do have a suggestion though, unless your Sir wants stay ups, if you're going to buy a garter, stay ups aren't your play. i have some wonderful resources for stockings that you might want to try. Getting a stay up to fasten into a garter will work, you just have to fasten beneath the glue path on the stocking or you'll ruin/bend your garter tab.

    Good luck and stay warm!! We've had some pretty cold weather here this winter so i hope you're able to keep warm! =)


  5. i was reading your post again and noted your interest is mostly in thigh high socks, for now. The one thing that i can suggest with that is to make sure your garter is a snug fit, anything heavy will tug at your garter belt and make the stockings sag. A nice thick slip also helps battle the elements! =) i have another great source for slips at an Amish sight, they are located out near you, i believe.


    1. Hi treasure. I was hoping you'd have some insight.

      I don't think stay-ups are our thing. Especially because it sounds like we'd have to buy them every week, if this is going to be an everyday thing! I'm looking for something warm and reusable.

      I think I thought of thigh high "socks" because in my brain, socks are thicker. You can get the thick cable knit ones.

      Sir is basically interested in having access to some part of my bare legs at ALL times. So he doesn't mind if it's "just" the thigh area, as long as some part is accessible for petting. I have a thin slip, that I've worn a few times at your recommendation. I only have 1 floor length skirt anymore, so I think I'll have to get a few more at the local thrift shops, and a thicker slip (I've only ever seen thin ones).

      We are definitely in an Amish area! We're near Lancaster. : )

      Thank you much for your input.


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