Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Be Ready

Last week, as Sir was walking out the door he said to me:

"When I get home tonight, I want you to be ready."

"Ready, Sir?"

"Yes, just ready. Love you."

Then he went to work.

All day I was wondering what I needed to be ready for. Did that mean I needed to be dressed to go out? Did it mean I needed to be mentally ready cause he was bringing the fire when he got home?

I decided to be dressed to go out if need be, but comfortable.

And I never did get a chance to find out just WHAT I was to be ready for! Real life interfered and we had some emergency financial stuff to attend to as SOON as he got home. He basically walked in, dropped off his stuff, then we ran out to attend to it. I tried to wheedle it out of him, but he said he's going to keep his plans to himself.

I suppose to use later.

I better be ready!


  1. Argh, sorry that real life got in the way and hope you managed to resolve things. You will have to keep us posted :)


  2. Life..wish it would cooperate more with our in my world I would interpret that as naked and kneeling...hugs abby

  3. Life has a way of well, getting in the way. and i would take "be ready" to mean either dressed to go out (if we already had plans) or UNdressed and ready for little girl duty *wink*.

  4. I'm really not sure what he meant by ready...I think he just meant to keep me on tenterhooks! We don't have an established protocol for this, so it could really mean anything.

    I hope to find out his plans soon!

  5. Aw Lea how annoying! I hope you get a take two at being ready. I think he means in a submissive way, that's my guess but let us know!


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