Friday, January 12, 2018

Today, Submission Looks Like

Today, my submission looks like making a 25 minute drive to meet Sir at the game store he frequents on Friday nights. He forgot his cards, and I will bring them to him.

He didn't make it a demand, per se. This is how he phrased it, via text:

"Hey, I need you to do kind of a big thing for me... on the tray in the living room is a small box marked "X-Wing Cards". Can you please get that box and bring it to me tonight? I should be there about 8 tonight, maybe a bit later than that."

It was phrased as a request. But I don't think there was any expectation that I would say no. We both know I have nothing legitimate going on tonight. The expectation is that I am to do this.

But what if I did say no? Maybe he'd accept it, if I had a decent reason. But if not (as tonight).... I wonder if he would demand that I do this?

It is sort of a big thing for me to do this, and I definitely feel submissive doing it. I would not typically do this thing, especially if he were not already with me. And not at the end of the day. I had a four hour work meeting about an hour away, then I went for a run, then I went to the supermarket. I'm actually tired. My bones and muscles ache from my run (I haven't ran since October). All I want to do is take a hot bath, and curl up in my fuzzy socks and robe. I just got back in the house about 15 minutes ago, and in a little bit, I'll be going out again (Whine -I hate that. I try to combine all errands because once I'm in, I'm IN!)

Except tonight  This has to be different. It's a little mission for him, solely for him. At least it was. Now, since I will be there, it seems to be turning into an impromptu date night. I am going to bring some food with me for us, and we'll play a game together before he plays with his buddies.

So it's a good thing really, all around. For Sir, who needs his cards. For me, who is getting a chance to exercise my submission.  And for us both, for getting in a little date night to kick off our anniversary weekend!


  1. Hi Lea, demand or request? That's a good question sometimes and not always cut and dried. Even if it is a demand, there is nothing wrong with it being articulated in a polite, respectful manner.

    Hope you enjoy your mini date night and Happy Anniversary!


  2. Win, win, win....sounds good to me. Funny, I sometimes debate, when Master makes a nice polite requests...what if I say no...(just because I don't feel like it), would that request then turn into a command. Sounds like you had an unexpected fun evening. hugs abby

  3. Demand or request; does it matter?
    These little actions is what feeds and strengthens the power motion as if its just day to day, because that's what it is. Happy Anniversary Weekend!

  4. i don't think there is a line between the two anymore. also, enjoy your mini date and happy anniversary!!

  5. Barney has always been the ask-tell guy. I had to learn/accept that most times there will be all the politeness given to anyone else, coming my way in a 'demand'. Well except in CERTAIN situations. LOL

  6. My Master considers everything orders unless he accompanies it with a "You don't have to do that, only if you feel like it"/ other definite qualifier.

  7. I have such a hard time with demands vs. requests. Sir typically phrases them the same. We had a great anniversary, Roz. Thank you

    abby, I think the same thing! If I don't comply, or say no will it just become an order?

    Bleue, I think it only matters in that if it is a demand, he's actively in his dom-space, rather than just everyday life. But you're right in that it shouldn't matter, because my response should be the same regardless: do as he says! Thank you, we had a lovely anniversary.

    Thanks, Fondles. And you're right, the line is blurred.

    Wilma. I love that: ask/tell. A tell phrased as an ask!

    ancilla: I think I'd like this better, that way you pretty much know the deal every time!


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