Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking the First Steps - 5 Rules

When I came back from the weekend of craziness, Sir had drafted 5 rules for me. Just 5 things that matter to work on. I didn't look at them right away, even though they were right on top of my collar in the collar cabinet. He approved though, knowing that with my mental state, it wasn't the right time. The next evening we were able to go through them.

We've talked about making rules that matter - because if it doesn't matter to him, why am I doing it? Previously, he had a draft of 100 some-odd things and when reading them, there were definitely things I was reading thinking, "Does he actually care about this, or does he just want to give me things to do, or keep me busy?"

We also talked about breaking things down into chunks - when I got too many rules at once, I went into overload with the big picture and I couldn't handle it all. But I think that the reason I wanted all those rules were not for the rules in and of themselves, but to know what was coming in the future - that there was a planned future, even.

Sir and I discussed it, and we decided that I don't necessarily need to know where the path is going to end in order to take the first step. As long as He knows where that path ends up. And I think that was one of the larger issues. I didn't believe Sir had an idea of where he wanted us to end up. I think that has now changed, or is changing. So as long as that exists in his mind somewhere, I can trust to follow him where he wants to lead.

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