Monday, January 12, 2015

Good Finds at Goodwill

Sir is formally reinstating my dress code. I typically adhere to it, wearing only skirts or dresses and not pants (though he lets me wear leggings underneath in times of cold weather, like last weeks 6 degrees).

In anticipation of trying to live that rule better, I went to find some jean skirts so I could dress a little more casually but still follow the rules. At a New Year's Eve party that Sir and I went to, I was asked why I was so dressed up. I was wearing a black t-shirt and a tie-dye skirt, which I didn't think was that formal at all. I did speak with Sir letting him know that people there would comment on my being dressed up (though lucky for me, no one is ever nasty about it, just curious or wondering if they should have dressed up as well, reflecting on their own insecurities).

So I went to Goodwill. I found two decent jean skirts for $3.50 a piece. It's a great start. I think that will be my new summertime staple.

I also found these sexy black boots to replace the ones I could no longer wear:

They need some breaking in which I'm doing. I hope I'll learn to walk comfortably in them for an extended period of time eventually. I had a bit of pain the first day, but honestly, not as much I as thought I would, so perhaps there is hope.

Sir hasn't further clarified his feelings on heels as a rule, but I figure that I should try my best to anticipate getting used to heels, even if it's just at home, or when we go out (and not at work, etc).


  1. Those are some sexy boots! Great find!

    1. Thanks! I got a lot of compliments at work the past few days. People also think they must be crazy expensive, "How'd you afford that, I know you're keeping a tight budget?"

      Maybe she's born with it.... maybe it's Goodwill.

  2. I love all my heels too! I wear them every day. Once you get used to them it's more comfortable than flats. Super cute boots :)

    1. I'm slowly trying to get used to them. I've been given advice that starting out with wedges that have an ankle strap helps enormously!


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