Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Still Learning About Each Other

I love that we are still growing and learning about each other after being together this long. Last week it was 4 years together.

Recently, Sir told me about a fetish of his that I didn't know about... pregnant women. Specifically the idea of pregnant women, and more specifically, the idea of me being pregnant, or the domination side of knowing that it was his child in there, that he put it in there, and that I was pregnant because of him.

That all being said, I know Sir would have half a heart attack if I told him I was pregnant. We have talked about it, and we both agree that we are not ready for children right now. We'd also like to get married first, and we're not even ready to get engaged yet. So we take measures to avoid conception. I've been on the pill for years, and now that my new medication interferes with the pill, we're using good old fashioned condoms.

I liked him being able to surprise me with new knowledge about him though. And if/when I do become pregnant, it's nice to know he'll still find me appealing!

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