Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arm Suspension Limits

It is important to know the limits of your body and your partner's body, especially when engaging in BDSM activities.

Lately, I keep reaching a physical limit when my arms are suspended over my head and kept there for a length of time. In several of these instances, I was suspended nude, or just told by Sir to keep my arms up. Of course, I check and recheck my hands to make sure I'm getting some blood flow. But after a while, I get the same symptom.

I start yawning. Excessively. Eyes start watering. I can't stop yawning, to the point where I become lightheaded, like I am going to pass out. The first time, Sir unbound me, threw me in bed with a blanket and we cuddled and napped. Good aftercare. This was after I had been yawning for a while. This time, at the first signs of me starting to yawn uncontrollably, Sir unbound me. I stayed yawning for a few minutes, but it then went away.

I'm trying to figure out what my body is trying to tell me. Yes, it is a little bit of a stressor position, but other than blood flow, it's just standing. When I did some online research, the most I could come up with is body temperature regulation. I was nude, so perhaps my body was too cold? That is one of the causes of excessive yawning. I tried to find information on arms over head positions and safety, but am coming up blank.

A friend on Fet mentioned that I may not be getting enough oxygen; that's why she yawns. My next step is to research blood flow/oxygen and certain positions. Does holding my arms up mean less oxygen gets to my brain, causing me to yawn?

If you have any input, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Depending on how you hold yourself, you could be compressing your chest like that. I recommend trying some chest opening stretches, shoulder stretches, and working on posture.
    One of my students had a similar problem before she started dancing, and once she had dance posture beaten into her head, she kept her chest open any time her arms were up, and it helped immensely.

    1. I really appreciate the advice! I never thought about the chest being compressed as an issue.

      I am working on posture right now. I do stretches and exercises for my back and core. I have supports in my chairs to help me sit properly. And I try my best to just remember to "stand up straight" as much as possible

      I'll look into chest opening stretches. Is there a position one should hold themselves in when arms are over their head to alleviate the compression? I'm trying to picture it, but failing.

    2. Give me your email and I'll send you a few pictures with an explanation of posture.
      I'm tempted to actually make a video explaining it all to you, but that might be a pain in the ass.

    3. Thank you! I sent my email to your FetLife.

  2. I'm not a doctor at ALL, but, as I was reading this it reminded me a lot of myself. I have POTS, which is a condition that causes fainting a lot. It doesn't matter if I am bound or not, if I am standing I am far more likely to faint the longer I am upright, and when it comes to being bound standing upright it is more a matter of when (not if) I will faint.

    I am NOT saying you have POTS. But, for me, it IS an issue of not getting enough oxygen to my brain and if I start to get lightheaded then I have to lay down with my legs elevated for a while. Some things that do help me though are cardio activities (though I need to be supervised for them) as they help with circulation. Also, we don't do any standing bondage too soon after eating, when the blood is all in my stomach trying to get digestion going. There are lots of other things I do, but they are very POTS specific. I don't know if either of these ideas will help you, but I figured I would toss them out there in case. :) Good luck, and I hope it gets sorted soon!

    1. I will share these with Sir and try them! I don't think I have POTS either, because it probably would have manifested itself in other ways by now, and totally get that you're not saying that I do.

      It probably is an oxygen thing!


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