Friday, January 23, 2015

First Waxing in the New Place

I recently found our candle for wax play. It was in the last box I unpacked! Last week, Sir put it to good use.

After dinner, I was putting the dishes in the sink when something came over me. I just started stripping right then and there for Sir. When I striptease for Sir, it's usually pretty funny. I end up falling, or slipping, or dropping things. I feel sort of awkward and definitely not the embodiment of sex. It's always done as a sort of tongue-in-cheek tease. It always arouses his interest though, in between the laughter.

When I was all done, I moved to leave the room, when he says, "Nuh-uh. You don't think you can do all that and get away with it, now do you? It's on now, you started it!"

When I returned, he had me clear off the coffee table. Our table is adjustable, and can have a larger or smaller tabletop. Sir has found that he likes it at full capacity. He had me lay facedown across the table and he tied my hands to the table legs. My legs were at an odd angle supporting my body. It was definitely a stressor position, but sometimes that is good. It makes for a different experience than being entirely comfortable.

Sir thoughtfully put the pillow down for my knees, but I couldn't reach it!

He lit our wax play candle (it's in a pitcher for easier pouring) and was sure to place it directly in my line of sight. While it warmed up, he warmed me up with the flogger. When I was good and warm, he grabbed the cold chain and put it directly on my back - such a shock. Once the chain lost its brisk temperature, he beat me with a cord of rope, the burned ends giving a good impact.

Sir likes the placement of our coffee table because he can walk around and around it. It is pretty intimidating, especially when I'm tied low and he's at full height.

"Hold out your foot," he says.

I do, and my smaller toes get pinched with the clothespins. Sir places more clothespins on my ass and triceps. It's a struggle to keep that leg up.

"Do NOT put that foot back down!"

He continues striking me with various implements. I struggle to keep my foot upright.

"Keep that leg up!"

In the end, I managed to keep my leg up, but the clothespins shot from my feet as I flexed my toes from some harder blows. It was amusing to hear them snap shut and hit the floor. They didn't hurt my toes much. The ones on the sensitive skin of my butt were a little more ouchy, but the ones on my inner arms were "the worst". I say it that way because they're not that bad, just the worst of that lot.

Once the pins came off, out came the brush. Sir scratched my entire backside with that thing. The brush is the kind meant for scrubbing floors, I think. I reveled in it - I like being scratched and I like sensations on my back in particular. I was pretty much goo by that point.

Then came the wax. Sir wanted to get each of my limbs in a sweeping motion, which is what he did. I think it felt heightened when he got to my back and ass in particular because I had already been very stimulated there.

Just a bit of stress for my legs, but otherwise happy! 
Sir is also happy for that scarf protecting my modesty (ha!).

Once he was done, Sir said that he really wanted to get my feet, but they were too far down to the floor. So, of course I immediately lifted my foot and curled it so as to form a cup for him. I was proud of myself for this. I barely thought about it - I just did it and presented myself to his wishes. That is the headspace I need to be in.

Sir blew out the candle. I thought we were done. I was wrong. I have a skinny belt that has some heavy beads attached to the end of it. Sir began striking me with it. It has much more of an impact as those beads come swinging down to connect with your skin. Somehow, all the wax stayed intact.

Sir then had me spread my legs for him. I am quite embarrassed by that - I don't like to be inspected down there. Somehow my brain translates my humiliation about that into arousal. He made sure to be pretty thorough. He then brought out the vibrator and began torturing me with it. He said he wasn't going to release me until I came. We were successful, but it was quite the endeavor. I've always been a challenge for Sir to get  me off - but with this new medication sometimes I can't even get myself off, so it really can be a pain. I asked Sir to switch the vibe heads at one point, and he said no! Somehow that made me even more determined to finish for him, and he was pleased.

I don't know how my legs were still holding me up. 
I should have crashed and taken the whole table with me!

Sir released me from the table, and I shakily got up. He sat back down on the couch and I got to finish him off with my mouth! I've been really really trying - working on that gag reflex, trying to get him as far back into my throat as possible. I'm to the point where I can usually handle him pushing into the back of my throat, but I can't get the muscles back there to relax so I can take it further. He was able to finish in my mouth, though I had a much harder time with that. I guess I'm definitely a spitter!

Then, the peeling. I think this is the most wax I've had on my body at once. Just peeling it off was a pleasurable toe curling process. I couldn't get it all, and our shower had little red specks for days.
Wax cleanup is a bitch though. It got on our coffee table. I had to peel each piece off with my fingernails. Same for the floor. Apparently the wax we got has a very vibrant pigment because my skin was red (due to the pigment) for a day or so. Our floor has a very noticeable splash mark. I got the wax up, but the stain remains. I'll figure out how to remove it sooner or later (maybe a magic eraser).

I find wax play stimulating and beautiful. I'd love to have an intentional image put on during a scene. I'm not really a top, but if there was one area I could do it, I think it is this - just for the creative outlet (I'm not looking to Domme, Sir!).

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  1. Oh what fun! I enjoy wax- have only done it a couple times, though.


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