Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Need His Cuddles

I am so glad that Sir and I aren't doing anything this weekend. I have stuff to do at home, and errands, but we're probably going to be snowed in.

You ever just leave a weekend with your family and shake your head wondering how you're related to these redneck ass people? How you could possibly come from the same gene pool? Last weekend was insane. The short version is basically that I threw a baby shower for my cousin because her sister who was supposed to do it dropped the ball and did NOTHING. So I planned the entire thing, the guest list, designed and mailed all the invites, made all the centerpieces, party favors, banners, decorations, food cake, etc. We asked the sister to do one thing -  make a ziti. She didn't buy anything for the ziti, spent the entire time trying to "look hot" for the party (meanwhile I didn't even get to run a  brush through my hair since I was running around like a crazy person). Because she didn't pull her weight, I had to pay for everything and ended up having only 4 dollars to my name at the end. She also left the shower early to go to a wrestling match (that she goes to every week), started a huge fight between a cousin of mine, his wife, and a girl he used to date in the middle of the shower right before she left, and then today she asks me for money, starting a fight with me because I said no!

My other cousin I picked up for the party was so proud of himself for putting his guns away before I got to his house (totally leaving the ammo out, and he has a 2 year old), didn't realize that his 2 year old having a 103 degree fever was a huge deal and that we should probably go to the hospital instead of the shower (I made him give her medicine and ice pops), interrupted the baby shower to call a girl in attendance some names at the top of his lungs I'd rather not repeat, had a huge scene-causing screaming match with his wife, continuing all weekend, and into our eventual car ride home, and got so hungover that I couldn't leave on time in the morning and Sir and I had to miss our rope class.

I swear driving out of there was like hearing Dueling Banjos getting fainter and fainter.

When I got finally back Sir could probably see the awful in my face and I just ran into the safety of his arms. He just held and held me while I squeezed him tight. We should still be able to attend the rest of the rope classes, hopefully. And I asked him to be strong, and not to let me go out of my way for these unthinking people anymore. Next time one of them asks me for something, hopefully I will be strong to say no - not cause I'm fed up, because I'll forget and give my family everything I have over and over, but because Sir told ME no, and then I'll be able to enforce that.


  1. I think I used to know your family! Wait a minute, that might have been a movie. Hmmm, has anyone in your family ever run a two foot long drill bit through someone's torso?

    1. Haha. I think that if they keep this crap up, I might be the one with the drill bit.


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