Monday, January 05, 2015

Delivering a Good BJ

The other night Sir came to me in the living room and said "I want sex". We've been having conversations due to my libido being low because of the medication, and how if he is feeling sexy, to go for it. To force the issue, as it were. Obviously don't ram it in there dry, but don't just go off and handle things himself if he wants me. I told Sir that she (my fickle vagina that doesn't listen to my head lately) could probably be persuaded.

Sir dragged me into the back room and had me crawl under his desk. There I served his cock while he browsed the internet, playing video games and then looking at porn. I like the idea of sucking his cock under his desk - the inherent power display in it. The sort-of disregard while he is doing other things. It makes me feel more submissive. I get distracted though; if Sir is watching porn and I hear something interesting, I want to see too! I've had to really keep myself focused at times.

I've been pretty concerned lately about giving head. Sir made an offhand comment a couple of weeks ago that has stuck in my brain. We were talking openly about male size and my previous lovers. Sir is well endowed, and some of my previous lovers weren't. Sir made a comment about the plus to that being that at least they probably got good blowjobs. I know he didn't mean it to disparage me, but it still stung. I have a really small mouth, and with Sir's size I just cannot get all the way down his shaft like we'd both want me to. I try, and have come to within an inch or inch and a half to the base, but I think Sir would really love it if I could take him all. I just gag. I think he would also love it if he could finish in my mouth. It has happened a few times, but I am not graceful about it at all and he generally gives me a warning or stops before completion and engages in sex.

So, keeping all this in mind while I was under the desk, I tried my best and got really into it. I was able to get Sir to finish and I even had him finish in my mouth. I'm not going to lie; it was pretty gross and awful, and I was not as graceful about it as I would have liked. But I did it, and for that I am really proud. He's only cum in my mouth a handful of times. I keep thinking it will get better with time and experience, but so far I'm not finding that to be the case. On the other hand, it's not been a lot of instances to really judge.

But I did it and Sir was happy - that's the important part!


  1. Awesome! I find it very hard to deep throat, but my Owner doesnt care, the more discomfort for me the better it is for him, My eyes water, my nose runs, I gag and choke. It certainly is not flattering! But he enoys it and that is my only concern. I love sucking his cock!

    1. I don't think I've ever managed to deep throat. I haven't asked Sir formally if forcing his cock down my throat while gagging etc, would be a turn on for him, but my inkling is no - anytime that even starts to happen, he stops out of concern. But maybe we can try that and see. I'd worry less about gagging if it didn't bother him I think (not that I want to gag, I'd just do it)

  2. Deep throating was something we worked on with a lot of training because i gag. He used to make me throw up 3 or 4 times a night, but now i only throw up every once in a while. When He starts to be overly concerned, i just try to get to His chock as He is pushing me away and He loves that. Mmmm... BJs are my favorite

  3. It does get easier to handle with time- swallowing that cum! Take heart! I'm better than I used to be. Master gave me a lot of tips, plus he still tells me exactly what he wants me to do.


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